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  1. When ever I read your posts, I always hear your words in my mind in a fun kind of loud and obnoxious voice most likely do to your profile photo...
  2. Ah man .. Taxes and duty was $30 CAD on my 111 dollar order. I can't believe duty was $20. Really happy about the preorder discount, it at least offset the cost of those border gougers a little. I bought 2 in hopes that a friend will buy one and split the extra costs with me. Thankyou for the discount.. Really really appreciate it.
  3. @Darren Kitchen Just wondering, I know Hak5 team will most likely be busy with the event on Oct. 20 I am just wondering if you can tell me when preorders will ship, as I am in the US on contract and would like to get an idea if I will have time to have my order shipped to where I am currently residing here or if I should have it shipped to my home country. Thanks
  4. Ahem... So does being mid Sept. constitute appeasing our endless anticipation with at least another hint? Can't blame a fellow for trying right...
  5. You know when you fall asleep watching a movie and wake up to a loud and annoying infomercial repeating the same subset of hypnotic words over and over again? I am most positive I saw a Mark V in a LifeLock infomercial this morning.
  6. Hmm... I wonder... does this project have anything to do with drinking delicious potions made from the Strobiles of Humulus lupulus.
  7. Just arrived in Guangzhou a week ago. So excited to go shopping. The tactical possibilities are endless.
  8. @thakkrad I also think my purchase was worth it with the CAD this low. Really impressed with the excellent customer service here and the all around experience.
  9. My package status is showing as shipped :) Yay!!!
  10. Im so tempted to purchase, but CAD has dropped so much not sure, might have to wait it out.
  11. Unfortunatly this is not a requirement yet but the good news is that all aircraft in controlled airspace must be equipped with ads-b out by 2020. I believe the requirement now are: USA (FAA) All commercial turbine-powered transport aircraft with more than 30 passenger seats (or MTOW above 33,000 lb or 15,000 kg) TCAS II 1 January 1993 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_collision_avoidance_system When do I have to equip? The rule requires ADS-B Out performance by January 1, 2020, to operate in designated airspace. If you never fly into ADS-B-designated airspace, then there is no requirement to equip. The ADS-B ground infrastructure is being deployed now and will be fully deployed by 2014, so those who choose to equip early will realize benefits long before the mandate. http://www.faa.gov/nextgen/implementation/programs/adsb/faq/#11 http://www.garmin.com/us/intheair/ads-b/seven-questions/
  12. I am also having similar problems with the SD Card after the new upgrade. worked fine before.
  13. I tried this and still must be doing something wrong. Its interesting that it works find on windows 7. Not sure what Im doing wrong.
  14. Thank you for your reply, Still can not get it to work. I have no idea.
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