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  1. Ah man .. Taxes and duty was $30 CAD on my 111 dollar order. I can't believe duty was $20. Really happy about the preorder discount, it at least offset the cost of those border gougers a little. I bought 2 in hopes that a friend will buy one and split the extra costs with me. Thankyou for the discount.. Really really appreciate it.
  2. @Darren Kitchen Just wondering, I know Hak5 team will most likely be busy with the event on Oct. 20 I am just wondering if you can tell me when preorders will ship, as I am in the US on contract and would like to get an idea if I will have time to have my order shipped to where I am currently residing here or if I should have it shipped to my home country. Thanks
  3. Ahem... So does being mid Sept. constitute appeasing our endless anticipation with at least another hint? Can't blame a fellow for trying right...
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