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  1. :D I do the same... then I coded an international encoder. It's now easy to create a foreign keyboard layout. Take a look at the properties files here: http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/source/browse/#svn%2Ftrunk%2FEncoder%2Fv2%2Fresources Wikipedia has a great page with layouts: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_layout You just have to map your ascii hexadecimal code on the qwerty layout. http://www.asciitable.com/ for the ascii codes. For example in french: a -> ASCII_61 = KEY_Q z -> ASCII_7A = KEY_W e -> ASCII_65 = KEY_E r -> ASCII_72 = KEY_R t -> ASCII_74 = KEY_T y -> ASCII_79 = KEY_Y If a character is missing a warning is prompted: Char not found:ASCII_72 Char not found:ASCII_70 Char not found:ASCII_6F Dnucna
  2. Hi jeffz and virus-84, I'm very happy that it works for you ! I was sure belgian works because it's very close to french, but for swedish it's a good surprise :) Thanks for the reply. Dnu
  3. There is a new location for the source code and jar file. http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/
  4. Hi Thermostaten, you must fix the da.properties. I have done enough :) To do that you must match your keys with the US keyboard as reference. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keyboard_layout For example: Å ISO_8859_1_C5 = KEY_LEFT_BRACE, MODIFIERKEY_SHIFT For the keys I only manage right_alt or shift but not both at the same time. I added some error message to help debug new layout file (download the version 2.1). [23:02:33]jar$ java -jar encoder.jar -i ../payload/payloadda.txt -l da Char not found:ASCII_60 Char not found:ASCII_5E Char not found:ISO_8859_1_BE Char not found:ISO_8859_1_A1[/CODE] See you! Dnu
  5. You then have to click on "Save File to......your computer." The second button. I don't know where to upload my zip else...
  6. Hi all, I'm not from the hak5 team but I wanted the share my work. I previously posted it but it went unnoticed :( So I modestly try to call it Encode V2.0 to have more success :) You can download the jar and the source code there : http://code.google.com/p/ducky-decode/ (It can be hosted on the official github.) For the untested layouts I just transformed the teensyduino layout file, but I didn't convert the accentuated keys. You can send me your modifications. Take a look at the French layout to have a good example. Enjoy! Dnucna V 2.4 - Added REPEAT command V 2.3 - Added ALT-SHIFT for Input Language Swap V 2.2 - Bug with GUI key - command key added for Mac V 2.1 - Added debug message for unknown chars V 2.0 - Added customized layout support (support ASCII, ISO-8859-1, Unicode) - fr: French (tested) - pt: Portuguese (tested) - us: English-US (tested) - be: Belgian (not tested) - da: Danish (not tested) - de: German (not tested) - no: Norwegian (not tested) - sv: Swedish (not tested) - uk: English-UK (not tested) - Added multiple modifier - ctrl-alt - ctrl-shift - Default_delay fix Edit (midnitesnake): Added version 2.4 information.