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  1. okay, my apology to all, never meant to disrespect or annoy anyone here, I consider all here to be very wise and intellectual, I was just desperate, to be pointed to the path where I would be able to do it myself or compensate someone to do the dirty work for me since I don't know how, im truly sorry! and please forgive me ignorance and concerns with this circumstance I am living through. ignore this post, I am trying to convince my wife to delete her account, as they know our names so they can easily search and find us by name and start emailing again, vicious cycle. Thanks all!
  2. i knew this was going to be seen like this, well let me enlighten you some more, the answer is no, if that was my intentions I would have blasted their profile name or info a dug up via profile search in facebook, second, we have but they delete their profile, and create a new one and just to send emails, that is what I am also telling my wife and what i am doing, do block and report, man I am just trying to teach them a lesson, I am willing to pay anyone over paypal, to simply teach these dumb $@#$% a lesson, and to leave us alone, no one has time for drama anyhow. se'la'vie i guess : (
  3. HELP ME!!! Wife and I are being harassed by someone on Facebook, they keep sending us emails via facebook, we don't know who she/he or them are, all we have is a profile, they are not friend or anyone we seem to know, they are trying to cause turmoil in our lives, any help or suggestions I can get I would be grateful, huge Hak5 fan for many years, didn't know where else to turn than the wonderful community here at hak5 proud owner of rubber ducky/Pineapple II/III and now markV help me please, I cant seem to be good at even finding yet along hacking their facebook account, reach out to me,
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