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How do you turn html coding on for the signiture part of profile editor? This is what I get...


This is a block of text that can be added to posts you make. There is a 255 character limit


BBCode is ON

Smilies are ON

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You can just say you can or can't in the first place...

If that's not it then how do you put pictures in the signature part...

Host your image somewhere, then just use the tags to link to it. Sorted, although you should keep it small, both in dimensions and in file size. 100KB, 400px by 50px should be enough.

I won't turn on html because its a sercurity risk, some wanker could easily put something nasty in it and fuck everyone that way. And yes, it is my choice, I don't want people trying to be clever bastards with the forums and causing a problem for everyone.

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