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Pandora Servers


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I emailed Pandora a few weeks ago asking how they stored there music, they said they kept it on their own servers [which was pretty obvious] but what I want is possible access to these servers. I did think that the coding might be in the SWF as, it pulls in from somewhere, but after decompiling that and sifting through it I found nothing :(

Has anyone seen any information on this?


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It seemed to me that you asked Pandora where they store there files, and they said on there servers. Then you asked how do you get access to these servers... seems like a short bus post to me... but then... I am very cynical.

Wipes off his bloody nose

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Sorry, I meant to say like has there been any cases of where there have been illegal server access, or if anyone knows of any of the Ip's of the servers?

I know that I simply couldn't walk onto the servers, but I could see if I could find another way around.

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It would seem logical that Pandora use a propriatry protocall/codec to prevent you from simply requesting the files to stream using any other application. Getting the servers IPs would be easy (wireshark FTW!), but I highly dought any one has actualy managed to access a stream directly without using pandora (Pandoras whole buisness modle counts on this never happening).

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