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never even got see the blue light


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Well, I have tried everything the booklet has shown me reflashed micro card put files on it. Reset the default settings. uploaded the upgrade files.

and nothing................... :(


Is the number on the back of the box is not the one to call for support?

So depressed my birthday present doesn't work. :angry:

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When you say "reflashed" do you mean you copied a different Firmware to it? because a solid red means its a bad MD5 according to the booklet.

The 2GB card that comes with it has everything needed to get it up and running.

Try running it again as a factory reset (DIP switches 2 & 3 down)

If it gets a solid red again, format an SD card and download the 1.0.4 binary - https://wifipineapple.com/?downloads

Check the MD5 when it's on the card.

Insert into Pineapple and power it up.

Only got mine yesterday so I'm no expert but have done a factory reset twice already :D

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I'd say it's definitely a bad firmware issue. Just make sure you do a factory reset correctly. This is how I have done it

  • Looking at the switches (aerials on the right) from right to left the switches need to be UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, UP
  • Make sure you have the SD card loaded & the 1.0.4 firmware is on it (check the md5 on your computer)
  • Power up the unit (not on battery) and it should go through the sequence as described on the card (6 steps)
  • Connect the LAN cable to the pineapple and your computer. It can connect through a router (i think) as long as you manually set your IP to /
  • If all goes well.. browse to and wait for the word CONTINUE to appear.
  • Before it reboots I think it best to put all the DIPs in the UP position again.
  • It should then load the Web interface and get going after you login again

That's all the advise I can give really

Goodluck :ph34r:

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