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  1. Nothing, same result. Every light blinks once or twice when plugged in. Green and Red light stays lit. Red light goes away. Then comes back after a minute.
  2. Well, I have tried everything the booklet has shown me reflashed micro card put files on it. Reset the default settings. uploaded the upgrade files. and nothing................... :( WWWWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Is the number on the back of the box is not the one to call for support? So depressed my birthday present doesn't work.
  3. ok I will let it site over night then. That should have been enough time for the firmware to load. Ihave read the manual and the sd card manual. Followed both to the T. It's simple plug in wait for the lights to blink red, blue and amber. Just seems to never get there.
  4. I still have not been able to proceed past the first boot up. Just a blinking amber light...... Any other suggestions? Would like to have this resolved :( ... Do I have to have a wired connection or just plug in the A/C adapter and let it run???? I using the office wifi which is password protected should I connect the ethernet cable to my computer?
  5. Im on my neighbors wifi does that matter? Should I use the Ethernet cable?
  6. Opened the box followed the instructions. At first boot just searched for the update never got any further? Any ideas?
  7. My Wifi mk5 is stuck on the blinking light amber light stage for hours now? It's still searching? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys
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