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Mark V Speedtest


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I noticed that the Mark V appears to be stuck at around 9Mbps, not sure if this is the norm.

The setup was an iPhone 4S connected (with no infusions active) to the Mark V, which is connected to a laptop via ethernet cable, which is connected via Wireless-N to my router. My home bandwidth has around 15Mbps available and the laptop itself can reach those speeds, but anything through the Pineapple is limited to around 9Mbps.

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I just got done doing a speed test. WiFi to WiFi even and I was able to get 34Mbit out of 37Mbit on the primary WiFi. My base connection gets about 45, so... I was very happy with the speed!

Check that both your main WiFi and secondary are on channels that aren't over saturated.

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Not sure what I did or if it's just coincidence. Here's the test setup.

WiFi Device (phone/tablet) <-wifi-> Pineapple via wlan0 <-ethernet-> laptop <-wifi-> home AP <--> internet (15mbps rated by ISP)

When I first tried the test a few weeks ago, I got roughly about 9mbps regardless of what WiFi device I used. Since then I reflashed my pineapple firmware, moved all infusions to the SD card and did nothing else, now I'm hitting 16Mbps down via Speedtest.net

/scratches head

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If you've got a dedicated box for a router, benchmark from that first then check the wifi devices. Otherwise benchmark first from your fastest box w/ the least # of hops between you and your isp, then test the wifi devices.

Getting 16Mbps+ when the isp caps @ 15 usually means there's some caching going on somewhere.

Idealy you run 20+ (more is better) benchmarks from the same source and calculate the avg and stdev. do the same from different speed test sites so you can get an idea of the statistical range you are likely to achieve. If you're not on a dedicated line, ie cable, time of day plays a big factor.

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The speedtest results are fine from the cable modem, router/AP and any device connecting directly to the AP, that wasn't the issue.

The problem was when I discovered that I couldn't get any more speed out of any wifi device connecting to the Pineapple via wifi. When I tested the laptop the Pineapple was connected to (via ethernet cable), the laptop had no problem hitting the same speeds other devices connecting to the home AP were achieving.

This told me something was up with the throughput within the Pineapple. As suggested by another user above, I checked for AP channel issues, my Pineapple was on channel 11, my home AP was on 6, so zero overlap.

Anyhow I'm happy that everything's working fine now, just wish I knew what the cause was.

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I've noticed that occasionally when changing my routing configuration, speeds during the session in which I committed the changes seem to be limited to a degree.

It's not consistent, but if it occurs, a reboot with the proper configuration set at boot time solves any issues.

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