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  1. Perfect size to affix to the unit. I'll be using this, thanks!
  2. SSLstrip substitutes all HTTPS requests with HTTP links. This functions because requests originating in an HTTP session are insecure, and we are able to see the destination of the HTTPS request. However, if you directly connect to a HTTPS page, there is no substitution to take place, as the HTTPS session is not initiated from an insecure session, and we are not able to see the information needed to make the substitution. What chrome tends to do is take the omnibar input of 'facebook.com', and connects the user directly to https://www.facebook.com, rather than the insecure destination. This way, users are not affected, but are taken to the secure versions of pages seamlessly, directly countering our usage of SSLstrip. What would work, for example, is a user on http://www.google.com searching 'facebook'. All the HTTPS link results are substituted by SSLstrip for HTTP links, and the connection to facebook is made through our insecure MiTM attack. Hopefully that makes a bit more sense. There may be some things that are not perfectly accurate about this, but it is a good overview.
  3. Was able to redeem two years' worth for each family member, then: Sorry, you have reached your monthly voucher redemption limit. Please try again later. Thanks for the heads up on this!
  4. Thanks, that's what I had seen as well. It appears that the entire original wifi-pina project that D4rkOperat0r had has been scrubbed from view. I only was able to find the usage scope in the old MK4 thread. https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/29252-pina-wifi-trapcookies-module-for-mk4/ Guess I'll play around with it, and ask Whistle Master directly for info.
  5. Please just stop trying and frustrating yourself until Seb can address you directly. This is community support you're getting here, and frankly, your'e making things harder on yourself by approaching things the way you are. If you have a 'lemon', hak5 will address it. Let me ask you this: what are you intending on using the pineapple for AFTER this? If you need an access point, I will ship you one if it will end this thread. I understand that you would like to potentially have the configuration as a DIP setting, but please consider that it would be easier if this was NOT the initial task you set to. Best of luck, and if you really can't find a stable wireless AP (though I have no idea how that is possible), PM me your address, I will ship you a router. Otherwise, patience, my friend.
  6. Follow the instructions posted by chriswhat : https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/30966-how-to-reset-mark-v-to-system-defaults/ Do the initial setup as shown on the documents included with the pineapple, then let us know if you still can't connect. More detail is better.
  7. I'm able to get sslstrip to function, but entering addresses via the omnibar in chrome will default to the https version if available. Chrome connects initially to the https link, so there is no 'link on a page' for sslstrip to replace with a http version. Can you provide a list of sites you are testing, and the method of connecting? I'll test on my device to compare.
  8. Apologies, Seb. I was under the impression that during the first boot, the pineapple searched for firmware to flash, and would do so if found. I'll take down the offending advice.
  9. Factory reset first please. Then extract to SD card. Boot pineapple with SD card in. Firmware should flash. I'm incompetent Do initial configuration. Turn Karma on and set the SSID in Karma config to whatever you choose. Should appear then. Take your time and be patient when learning how to use it. Make sure you allow time for changes to commit, impatience is not your friend.
  10. Extract to the root of your SD card. Pineapple bar should detect the orphaned infusions. The latest firmware is already at the root, and should install when booted. I take no responsibility for anything, especially if it doesn't work. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5_Ou6o_x1-tM2Q3RE9veGRZWDA/edit?usp=sharing
  11. So let's get this straight. You want to connect the pineapple directly to Ethernet to get updates. As you've proved, it's not practicable for you to use it as a router. I would advise waiting until you have the means to do this properly. HOWEVER: I'm feeling helpful, so give me a few minutes. I'll factory reset my pineapple, install all available infusions, and ZIP the entire sd card structure, along with the firmware update. So hold onto your horses, this will take me a few minutes. EDIT: Took forever to manually install all the infusions, copying via scp, uploading inside of 5 minutes
  12. I'd like to be able to add a secondary device that could have processor-intensive work offloaded to it, my deployments tend to carry a lot of traffic, and I'd prefer to let the Mark V focus on routing and Karma. Although, I suppose I could set something up using the serial interface...
  13. I've noticed that occasionally when changing my routing configuration, speeds during the session in which I committed the changes seem to be limited to a degree. It's not consistent, but if it occurs, a reboot with the proper configuration set at boot time solves any issues.
  14. If you set your SSID to the spoofing target, clients intending to connect to "Starbucks Wifi" will connect to you, provided your signal and quality is better then the actual network. This is generally a matter of proximity being the main factor. A client currently connected to the target network will not leave to connect to you automatically, this is where you would want to run a deauth attack. Wifi devices are relatively trusting in the greater scheme of technology, two networks broadcasting the same SSID won't cause a conflict. When a client whose preferred network is "Starbucks Wifi" prepares to connect, it will connect to your network, conditional on the factors mentioned above, just like a client who is manually connecting.
  15. I recently saw this infusion listed in the Pineapple Bar, but I can't find documentation anywhere? Does anyone mind explaining usage for this?
  16. I recently saw this infusion listed in the Pineapple Bar, but I can't find documentation anywhere? Does anyone mind explaining usage for this?
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