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Java RC5 distributed.net Code


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I'm sure many of you are familiar with the distributed.net project.


I know virtually nothing about how you would technically go about writing a program like that so I found something simple online. It's in Java and after looking at the code, I can't make heads or tails of it. Can someone give me some pointers? Thanks. :?


Direct D/L to the code:


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You're probably going to want to read up on the algorithm itself for a day or two. That stuff is hard to think up and also hard to implement right.

I'm just wondering what your actual intentions are. Nobody in their right minds would use java for a high-performance computing client. A C implementation would run circles around it, and a machine-optimised ASM implementation will do the same around that.

Care to shed some light on the big picture here?

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Distributed Azureus?

That sounds like ... fun....... :roll:

I really wouldn't do any serious distributed computing, or crypto for that matter, in Java. Like cooper said, C would just be so much faster. But hey, its still fun to play around just to understand an algorithm, so Java is great for that.

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So I've been reading about these rainbow tables and started generating my own for md5. Ugh, gonna take awhile. They probably won't be done until tomorrow morning. Anyway, would it be possible to use this same strategy for the RSA encryption used in the contest?

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