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Thinking of buying a pineapple...


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Hello all, I have been thinking about buying a pineapple, thought I would ask a few questions first. I am a college student in computer programming, and I have learned several languages such as Java, C++, and some scripting languages. I have also had many classes concerning networking. I have also read some hacking oriented books, but do not know much about professional hacking, like pen testing. My main question is given what I just told you would the wifi pineapple be something I could easily learn? Has anyone else made a thread like this already?

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I say buy it. It's relatively cheap. Same as a couple fancy dinners out with the old lady. The pineapple GUI is very straight forward but then you get sucked in and spend many hours diving in deeper, as deep as you want. The pineapple has been more of a learning tool for me.

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I have also been on the USB rubber ducky forum a lot, and made some payloads, although I am sure the command line stuff for the pineapple will be different, I don't think it will be an issue. Thanks for the replies everybody!

Will check back in case anybody else has any useful info on their experiences.

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