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Darrens laptop in newest episode?


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Anyone know what kind of laptop Darren is using in the newest episode? I am looking into getting a small laptop/netbook specifically for coding and pen testing. I think I might go with the aspire one over the eee as it has much more powerful hardware. That way I could run VMS and stuff. However that laptop he had on newest episode looked nice.

Anyone know?

Anyone have any recommendations? I already have an Alfa USB and pineapple 4. So will the aspire one fit all the needs of a penteater in training? I'm studying at home on my own as I am an electrician currently. Working on security + and network+ and learning python. But want to run Kali on the machine to have fun trying things out too.

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I just put Kali on my Aspire One. I had an extra SSD laying around so I put that in it. If you can find one cheap, I'd say go for it. I'm having some issues with the size personally. Its really small screen size makes it difficult to run multiple shells at once. And I fat finger the keys a lot.

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I'd love an ultrabook being so thin. I'd love a macbook air too but people told me to stay away from macbooks to run Kali on a machine same specs for half the price. So I thought about the aspire one.

Darren had this really small looking notebook though. Was more wide then anything. Anyone know what it is on most recent episode? That is something I'd like to look at for sure. I'll keep searching through notebooks and netbooks..

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I've been thinking about a new netbook for a while and something recently occured to me about battery life and the nature of Linux on a netbook.. If you really want portability and great battery life and you plan to run Linux, imagine having an eeepc with a 6 cell battery and an e-ink/lcd combo display! With the newest Atom CPU running a stripped down OS with a CLI on an e-ink display, you could probably get 20 hours of battery life or maybe even more than that. The newest eeepcs can already get 11+ real world hours and that's on windows, on average power settings, with an LCD display, for an average user. It would be a bit more expensive than one of the Vaio Ps but I'm pretty sure it would be useful for much longer.

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