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  1. So I am just starting my journey into InfoSec and have always been the closet nerd growing up as no one I knew really was interested in anything more then gaming and building the newest and fastest gaming rig. So I lurked in forums and tried things here and there. Long story short, now that I am a bit older and realizing that id like to really get into this, I was hoping to meet some like minded people. There are a lot of hacker, IT, InfoSec groups on Meetup, but they're mostly all in San Fran. I am in the east bay, antioch, concord, walnut creek area. I am pretty new to this network security stuff, and learning python, however having a lot of fun. If anyone is interested in meeting up once in a while and discussing stuff, working on some projects or building a pentest lab, whatever, post on here and lets get some ideas going. We could meet bi weekly or weekly, or whatever, even just online?? I was thinking of starting a Meetup.com group. I figured there would be one closer if there were more like minded people, but they're all in San Fran and Mountain View hehe. Figures... Anyways, I'm working on Security+, Network+, Python, and CEH v7 course. Reading a few good books I got too. I got the pineapple 4, would be cool to play around with that more too. If your interested drop a line, Thanks! -Jason
  2. I'd love an ultrabook being so thin. I'd love a macbook air too but people told me to stay away from macbooks to run Kali on a machine same specs for half the price. So I thought about the aspire one. Darren had this really small looking notebook though. Was more wide then anything. Anyone know what it is on most recent episode? That is something I'd like to look at for sure. I'll keep searching through notebooks and netbooks..
  3. I see. I worried about that. I thought about 13inch like my old macbook but I'd like something a tiny bit smaller and lighter with better battery life.
  4. Anyone know what kind of laptop Darren is using in the newest episode? I am looking into getting a small laptop/netbook specifically for coding and pen testing. I think I might go with the aspire one over the eee as it has much more powerful hardware. That way I could run VMS and stuff. However that laptop he had on newest episode looked nice. Anyone know? Anyone have any recommendations? I already have an Alfa USB and pineapple 4. So will the aspire one fit all the needs of a penteater in training? I'm studying at home on my own as I am an electrician currently. Working on security + and network+ and learning python. But want to run Kali on the machine to have fun trying things out too.
  5. Thank you so much for your answer. I will watch it, I also have been looking into the Wireshark University training. Yes its very overwhelming at first. Also I am sniffing the interface, which is the internet facing wifi interfacing sharing the connection. Should I be sniffing the interface, the wired nic that is connected to the pineapple instead? I see packets going through both, and I figured its the same traffic since its sharing but figured id ask. Anyways thanks for your help. Any other suggestions would be appreciated! Some fun things I am looking to try and learn about: 1. Possibly making a video of my choosing run at the top of every webpage. Or a quote to start. 2. Session Hijack the old lady. 3. Use ngrep a bit more. Try to catch some interesting stuff. 4. Replace every picture on someones page like ettercap can do. Bottom line, I want to understand whats going on in each of these things, not just replicate them. Its gonna take a while but any other ideas would be great! Again, not asking for a walkthrough just an idea as a starting point. Thanks again Telot!
  6. So I just got my new Alfa AP51 Router today, and just flashed it with the newest Mark III firmware. I logged in and got ICS going in windows 7 to test it out, logged into the "Free_Wifi" to see if its working and sure enough ICS is working. I have a few questions though. Please answer seriously, this is an attempt from a novice to probe some peoples minds and expand my own based on their recommendations and ideas, not a plea to walk me through hacking someones facebook or doing all the work for me. So here we go: 1. To my understanding, the pineapple will only get connections from devices that have saved open unsecured networks on auto connect, However I noticed a few associations that said "Pass through Linksys, and Pass through NETGEAR" etc. So these wifi networks that are secure when I scan, so I am curious what the "Pass through" means? Did it just grab them? Also I am kinda new to Infosec and penetration testing and have been reading a lot lately. Besides trying to follow along with the videos on Hak5 and use the pineapple, I was curious what other people are doing with it? I got the pineapple thinking it would be really cool for me to play with at home and mess with my girlfriend on our network and just learn a bit more, but I must say its a bit confusing to me at first. I know a working knowledge of linux and some networking, and understand a lot of different attacks. Currently I am just using Wireshark and watching the stream from the interface sharing the internet with the pineapple as people are on it. Id like to try session hijacking myself but I need to get ferret and hamster going. So 2. What are some things I can do with the pineapple? Id like to read up on more things people are doing and learn about. For now im going to just watch some traffic, and try to mess with ngrep a bit. Thank you for all your input.
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