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Future of Hak5


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With the decision of Net Nuetrality hanging in the balance, what is Hak5 (Darren, Snubs....etc) doing to ensure they still exist if it goes bad?

Dont you think that the Modding sector, security sector, all things going against the grain, bringing infosec to the masses, will be controlled and shut down. Why would the public need to know things that could potentially harm big business.. for an ignorant mass of people will make them more money then an intelligent group of individuals, no matter how few..

Just a question and an opinion.

Whats your thoughts?

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Thats probably a question best asked directly to the cast or feedback at hak5.org. As for Hak5 in general, to me, its more than just a TV show, while that is what they are, its also a community made up of very diverse individuals, with a range of views on all sides of the fence and people that work in ever spectrum, from government, to the average hobbyist tinkerer in their local 2600 or hackerspace clubs.

My opinion on Net Neutrality, it's a phrase coined that even the government(s) don't even have a clear, lawfully defined answer, and why there is such debate over what it means. With everything from Prism and the NSA, to Israel and their own spy state infrastructure, to Russia and China, and for those not paying attention, Brasil and Indonesia amassing large amounts of strength in the underground, internet users in some parts of the world are more or less leveling the playing field(and sorry to sound cliche) in a virtual arena where people define themselves behind their keyboards and mobile devices, while often losing touch with the fact that their is a real world out there with consequences of their actions that impact the rest of us on a larger scale, with regular people who moonlight on the computer, but still get up every day to make the donuts, pay taxes, take up action to help out in their communities or something as simple as feeding the local homeless guy on the way to work every morning. Eventually the lines will be so blurred, won't matter what you label it, all it will mean is stricter laws, less freedoms, and more uprising and hiding in the underground, while fear will take over those who aren't educated to know whats happening, others may not even care, and some, will just disappear off the grid in ways to subvert the police state mentality that is becoming a global presence.

Net Neutrality to me, is just another diversionary tactic that will ensnare those who fall prey to the game of words, what kinds of movements take the media by storm, while more important, and even scarier things are happening behind closed doors all around the world, and Net Neutrality will be the least of our worries if people read into and believe too much of the mainstream media, and government, where the words "hacker = criminal" in nearly all instances, and will be used to try and shape the laws around us and removing the freedoms already eroding around the world. Not just in the US.

This of course, is my opinion. I don't speak for the cast, or the community as a whole. I'm just one cog in the machine with my own will...

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I really do hope Hak5 will stay around in one form or another if the hammer falls there way.

Hak 5 IS MORE THEN A SHOW. Where else will you get some cool kats like this. Promote intelligent thought, learning new and sometimes difficult things, bring a sense of humor, bring together people do drink some das boots.. and have some freakin fun!!

I agree with you digip !! This is just a major play they are making for control over something that they dont really understand. You gotta admit it is a big fulcrum though. More then just a diversionary tactic. Its a major pivot point in total control. What better way to mask what they do on any size scale, global to local...

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I agree with you digip !! This is just a major play they are making for control over something that they dont really understand. You gotta admit it is a big fulcrum though. More then just a diversionary tactic. Its a major pivot point in total control. What better way to mask what they do on any size scale, global to local...

Yeah. All the conferences around the world over the summer and the fact Darren was there, means hopefully people that actually do know something about computers, will have a chance for their voice to be heard, but also help shape, tare down, and re-write laws that are not only out of date, but also out of touch with reality as to the terms of punishment in comparison with something such as murder, rape, and other things, a simple stretching of the laws today, can put someone away for a computer crime longer than most real hardened criminals and felons. Even independent bodies lobbying for more freedoms and an open internet in many ways, are more bureaucratic and may end up in the end, hurting the chances of true freedom on the net, down the road. That fulcrum or pivot you speak of, reminds me of the talk the L0pht gave to the government years ago. Some of them actually work for the government today, but hopefully still trying to educate from the inside as most of them are still fighting for inernet freedoms and you may recognize some of them, Space Rouge who ran a long podcast on computer news and Joe Grand, Defcon badge maker and also TV persona from Prototype This, Mudge, who now works with the Fastrack program to which offers grants to computer researchers looking for help. Their names should be known to most, but the message in the video is the same then as it is now:

In my opinion, something everyone should watch and be familiar with. While not much has changed in the way things run today as we know systems are still vulnerable to the same issues, their intention was to reach out, educate and bridge the gap, but I feel much of it still exists today, and we need more people like them to come forward to continue to have these sorts of continuous meetings with the government bodies and law makers, since its in our best interest to do it this way, vs what I would say is the "idealistic" way Anonymous has gone, which some of anons are more like the men in the video, as a whole, I feel they are counter productive to making real change and more interested in defacements, anarchy, and overall chaos with no end goal direction in the best interest of all.

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