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  1. I like the idea of BLE (with HC-05 or HC-06 module) or a Webpage access type setup (with the ESP8266 12E). Almost like its the natural next step or evolution (being we are going the route of IoT of everything and we have cellphones and smart watches).. Makes it so you are able to be more flexible on a pentest or when just testing your own stuff. For those times when sh*t happens, lol.. Or just plain ole flexibility. You could pick through your ready made scripts or make one on the fly to better suit your needs at any given moment.. Imagine being on a pentest or want to mess with a f
  2. Is it possible to mod the Bash Bunny? It would be awesome to use, an Esp8266 , HC-06 RS232 Bluetooth Module , an Esp32, etc.., wifi or bluetooth to interact with the Bash Bunny. To add scripts, select scripts, or just plain old interact with the Bash Bunny remotely.
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