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Problem at first boot


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Sounds like you made a noob mistake and rushed the process, almost did the same thing myself. You need to follow the first boot up instructions perfectly. If you insert your SD card into your computer it will pop up as 'not formatted', this does NOT mean that it's blank or that you need to format it! .. (the update files are there don't worry but if you did format the sd card, re-download the MK5 firmware https://wifipineapple.com/?downloads&version=mk5 and put the files back on the sdcard)

IMPORTANT: You NEED to format the SD card as '''EXT4''' ... not FAT32 or NTFS, to do this in Windows you will need a Partition Manager.. here is a free one http://www.partitionwizard.com/download.html

Also check out Chris Haralson's YouTube youtube tutorials... youtube.com/watch?v=TF0SoLdqb5Y

First Boot/Install...

1. Insert the SD card into your Papple and plus in the power (you do NOT need to flick any DIP switches)

2. Wait 5 minutes until you see three lights blinking in a pattern (you will notice the pattern when you see it)

3. Plug in the Ethernet cable and open Firefox/Chrome and navigate to

4. Follow the on screen instructions, choose a password and click continue

5. Your Papple will reboot. (you can leave the sd card inserted, it won't run the update process again)

6. Login with your new password.

**(when rebooting the blue light will flash with a steady blink for 30+ seconds, once booted up the blue light with sort of flicker continuously as this is now showing you that the wifi is 'on' and sending out a signal, don’t mistake it for 'flashing in process' or booting up glitch)**

If you mess up the install process don’t worry... Just do this (Papple Reset)...

1. Unplug everything from your Papple

2. Flip the 2nd & 3rd DIP switch in to the DOWN position

3. Plug in the power and wait a few minutes until you see a blinking pattern

4. Unplug the power and flip the 2nd & 3rd DIP switch back up

5. Plug in the power again and you will be back to the 'type in a new password page'

Hope this helps my fellow noobs :)

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SyHak is almost correct. You can use fat, fat32,ext4. Does not need to be ext4 at all.

Also, you need the firmware and a file called md5 with the md5 sum of that firmware. All this information is available on our website under the flashing section.

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