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Motorola Phone Docks


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Thanks guys for creating the cables to attach other devices to these "lapdocks". Until last week , I had no idea these things even existed, 2 things are for sure though, now iv gone and picked myself up one, i know i will always have a battery powered HDMI screen which itsself is pretty awesome for out and about especialy with vga /dvi and hdmi adapters at hand and secondly ill always have a 2nd monitor at hand on the go.
as for use as a second monitor if anyone is interested , i would probly say to try out the DVDO air , its a wireless mini hdmi transmitter and reciever from what i understand , a pricey one , but for a second monitor on the train, on a plane seems like a tidy option, with only one hacked together cable for the power to your USB.

alternatavely for a small proect you could get this DVDO air , i was also looking into wireless USB Hubs , but you would only need a single Wireless USB adapter to plug into your laptop and perhaps recreate the actual fiting for the motorola device.
coulod be too much hasstle for a small project but Im just putting in my two cents.

any how Peace out, TYTL.

Side note: - I'm not saying don't get the cables from the shop, because these cables are pre-made specifically for these devices and to help you guys out, once again cheers guys.

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I got the Motorola Lapdock 100 on Amazon for $60. It is pretty cool but I'm not sure I would ever use it for dual monitors, its just a better solution than tunneling x11 traffic over ssh or VNCing into my device.

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I actually used my Atrix and lapdock at Defcon a couple years ago. Well I planned to anyway. With that many people in one building, 4G took a dive. Ended up using the wifi and vpn'ing home. It's really too bad none of the other manufacturers didn't take this idea and run with it. We've got quad core phones with 3gigs of ram now.

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