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1st post:my windows rainbows to you


Did you like my GUI tool ?  

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Hi all!

This is my first post to the Forums of Hak5!

(been on irc ;) )

I decided to give a little contribution (including a tool I made )

-->my tool requires the .net framework 2.0 installed!! <--

this is all for windows ! sorry linux dudes! :|

======= Automating the pwdump / rainbowcrack process =========

=== ( and giving away all the required elements to make it work! ===

So, you wanna test your passwords?

HaK5 Can't be too precise? Or you didnt get it all?

Couldnt imagine calculating the tables and laughed at this idea?

Simply n00b?

Let me tell you everything!

Here we go

1: download a 10 gig rainbow table

this will cover password from 1 to 14 chars

lower + upper + numeric + symbols ((but no spaces!!!))


create a folder

something like


and unzip all the Rt files *.rt in the lm_alpha-numeric-symbol14 folder

like this: d:rainbowcracklm_alpha-numeric-symbol14 <--- *.rt in there.

2: download rainbowcrack


(unzip it to d:rainbowcrack (or whatever you choose here again!!)

3: get the usb switchblade payload cracked open and get the CMD folder

(containing the pwdump tool) and place the whole cmd folder in

your rainbowcrack folder


and copy my GUI (graphical user interface) to the rainbowcrack folder

(( d:rainbowcrack ))

(my GUI for rainbowcrack and pwdump automates the pwdump and rcrack process with those tables

IF YOU HAVE pwdump in a CMD folder and THOSE

tables in the lm_alpha-numeric-symbol14 subfolder

and the gui tool from the root of your rcrack folder


See a screenshot (500kb) With a view of that folder root

(to place the files properly for the gui to work!)


now put that drive in a usb enclosure.. with an autorun ... 1 click..

30 - 180 seconds later.. smile unplug and leave


for use on your OWN personal computer only! ;)


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Nice Program.

The simple interface is really easy on the eyes.


Is it possible to release the source code.

I would like to make some minor changes.

(Such as not having a hardcoded path to rcrack)

(And maybe porting it to linux!)

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"sure ill just put that on my 64gb usb drive"

only if their where affordable high capacity usb drive (greater than 10 gb)

an only thing close enough to that is portable laptop drive but still expensive

that would make you an unstoppable password auditor

but good to see it work

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