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BSSID and Karma Woes


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Hey all,

New to the community, and new to the Pineapple in general. I've been having fun experimenting with my new pineapple that I received a short time ago, which has the 3.0.0 software working on it. My issue comes in understanding what is going on within the Karma interface. I have routinely tried to set the BSSID as something arbitrary, something other than my standard 'pineapple 90:1a' bssid. I've also been attempting to discover how Karma works, but still haven't gotten any device besides a wii or an android phone to auto associate to my pineapple.

So, I have attempted to change my BSSID to 'linksys', and have attempted to make it 'persistent'. Yet, when any type of mesurable time occurs, the bssid defaults back to 'pineapple 90:1a'. This has occurred at least 6 times so far. I'd like to hear your guys' feedback about this.

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Currently, persistant SSiDs are broken. You can set an SSiD, but after a reboot, it will default back to the pineapple xx:xx address, where xx:xx are the last two octets of your pineapples wifi radio mac address.

As for karma, Only devices that remember an open network will connect to it.

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