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  1. Tell us about the operating system you are using. Have you checked to see if your computer has leased the IP address correctly? I know that in OSX I have to configure my IP address Statically for my pineapple.
  2. Thank you for the helpful information! Is there any other helpful posts or documents that can help me learn more about Karma besides the Wiki and the pineapple booklet?
  3. Hey all, New to the community, and new to the Pineapple in general. I've been having fun experimenting with my new pineapple that I received a short time ago, which has the 3.0.0 software working on it. My issue comes in understanding what is going on within the Karma interface. I have routinely tried to set the BSSID as something arbitrary, something other than my standard 'pineapple 90:1a' bssid. I've also been attempting to discover how Karma works, but still haven't gotten any device besides a wii or an android phone to auto associate to my pineapple. So, I have attempted to
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