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  1. Hi, this is what I see, thanks http://imgur.com/Zh0YNVT
  2. Yah, I receive all the packets when pinging. Maybe it's a different address that I need to get to the Jasager page? Thanks!
  3. I'm using Windows 8, did ipconfig and it says the IP address for my Ethernet adapter is and subnet is which should be right I think.
  4. It's the Mark IV, I'm not sure about the firmware though. Is there a way for me to access that without the Jasager interface? Edit: I purchased it early April if that helps
  5. Thanks for the quick response, but that's not working for me either. It doesn't bring me to the rickroll page, just says its unavailable, any other ideas?
  6. Hi, I got the pineapple a couple months ago, played with it a bit and did the rickroll tutorial but stopped for several months due to schoolwork. I'm trying to get it working again, but it isn't bringing me to the Jasager interface with,, or, it just brings me to that rickroll screen. Tried resetting but it doesn't seem to work. Does anybody know how I can get back to the Jasager interface? thanks!
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