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  1. Another warning for anyone else having issues with the Elite bundle I just found out the angle adapter included in the kit is junk. If you're having any issues with USB while using it try removing the adapter to see if the problem goes away. I can't remember if I tried the HakShop hub (with red wire cut) without the swivel adapter (yeah, I know) but it's too late now as I've cut the black wire and it's not worth the effort to solder it back on now that I have a much better hub. Either way the Belkin hub worked perfectly from try one. Then I had some issues and when moving the adapter noticed
  2. I decided on Belikin F4U040v 4 port hub after reading up a bit. Tried it today and everything works great. Now to root the mess of cables (starting to think I may need a bigger case...) It would be nice to have a sticky thread with a list of known good hubs that don't backfeed power. Probably a note on the HakShop that clearly states the hub they sell does not work with the Pineapple (at least not when it's powered).
  3. Yes. I also tested the hub on mutiple machines to ensure it was working. Powered by the same Anker Astro3 I power the Pineapple with and it worked fine in everything but the Mark IV. On the Pineapple the Alfa would cause the Pineapple to malfunction. I tried stress-testing the hub with two Alfas hooked up, battery powered to my laptop. The hub worked for a few seconds and then locked up. I was not able to get it working afterwards. It seems the board is fried or maybe it was defective from the beginning? I examined the PCB of the hub and everything looks fine. If anyone has the HakShop hub
  4. The HakShop one is the one I'm having lots of problems with. It was backfeeding power and just isn't working. Read the rest of this thread for a full explanation. I've read the D-Link hub works and doesn't backfeed so I'm going to go ahead and order it. I might order the Anker as well just for good measure. If anyone has the HakShop hub working (with power on red and no backfeeding to the Pineapple) how did you get yours to work? Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to reply to this thread so far. I hope to have this sorted out soon so my shiny new toy doesn't become an expensive paper
  5. Well it looks like I spoke too soon. I'm having issues with my Moxa hub too (I have a feeling it's mostly due to hard reset caused by a power surge when the Pineapple first loads the Alfa). Storage by itself works fine on both hubs. I still have a couple more things to try, including cutting the black wire on the Hak5 hub. I may edit the WiFi script on the Pineapple to set low power immediatley on the Alfa when its plugged in to see if I can get my Moxa to work for more than 5 minutes. I've been reading the forums and am now looking at one of these hubs: Anker Uspeed USB 3.0 4 Port Compact H
  6. I've tested the same cable on two different systems, one Windows and one Linux as well as under VMware, and the cable seems to work just fine (although the case keeps falling apart so I may need to glue it back together the PCB looks good too). I just tested with my Moxa industrial grade 7 port isolated hub and (after setting the Alfa's txpower low to prevent the hub's protection from locking it up) managed to get everything working! So now I'm very confused as to what could possibly be happening. Perhaps a difference between my other machine's USB ports and the Pineapple's? My last thought i
  7. RIght now, no.... not a hub cable anyway. I have a powered 7-port Moxa hub I'm about to try but there's no way that's fitting in the Pelican case.... What cable are you using now? I like the Alfa port on the Hak5 cable but it seems rather cheap and well, you get what you pay for. If I buy another one I would need some kind of guarentee it will work. I would return the cable I already bought but well, you know, I snipped the red wire so....
  8. I know this has already been answered but the way I configured my ssid was by editing the /etc/config/wireless file. I had the same issue setting it through the web interface (firmware 3.0)
  9. Did you have success just using a different port on the Hak5 hub? I had the same thought so I tried using a different port on the hub. Maybe all my cables are bad since I have issues on all ports, and not just with the Alfa. USB storage is at least recognized but there's all sorts of errors. All the pads look ok and no visible defects on the board so I'm not sure where the issue would be though. I'm going to try with another powered USB hub in a few minutes so I'll report back (with either success or more logs...)
  10. Well I just tried using the Anker Astro3 and still no luck. The Pineapple just isn't working with well with the Hak5 hub, even though the hub works great on battery power when hooked into my laptop. Does anyone have any ideas other than "not enough power"? I would really like to get this working.
  11. I'm using the black Alfa that came with the Elite bundle. Also I don't think it's a power issue since the hub/Alfa works fine when powered only by the Juice pack plugged into my laptop. I'll have an Anker Astro3 to test with later today just make sure its not power related though.
  12. So I just received my new Mark IV last week and finally got a little time to play. Setup was smooth and no problems adding USB storage but I wanted additional ports to use the Alfa and storage at once (and maybe some addtional goodies later on...) So I bought the Hak5 powered USB hub and got it in the mail today. First I checked if the hub was going to backfeed to the Pineapple and after confirming it was I opened the case and snipped the red + wire. Now the hub works great and no backfeeding but there's a new problem. Now I can't get the Alfa to initialize (although USB storage still works f
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