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Deauth and Karma


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Hi. Let's say there are seven access points and those access points all presumably have clients connected to them. How do I go about (continuously?) deauthenticating five of those access points while whitelisting (or not deauthing) two of those access points? In theory, I think this should cause all the clients whose access points are deauthenticated to connect to the Pineapple with Karma. I have an Alfa and the Pineapple to work with. Since my Alfa AWUS036H might have issues with the Pineapple, I was thinking about just putting the Alfa in my Kali VM and using some deauth tool (Which one should I use? Does it need to have whitelisting support?) to deauth the five access points and then wait for the clients connected to those APs to hopefully connect to my Pineapple. What do you guys think? Can this work? What should I do? Thanks.

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I'd use a script with mdk3 for that. Add the macs you want to whitelist in the script. Search the forums, I think someone put up an example script which you could modify. If you think you'll have poblem, yes use the alfa in the kali vm and just have the pineapple with karma running.

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ehm, Not shure if this is helpfull but this is what I should do.

Just using the build in features from kali.

1 create mon mode:# airmon-ng start wlan0 (the device can be different for you so you need to check that out)

2 monitor the networks: # airodump-ng mon0

3 deauthenticate the AP's: # aireplay-ng --death 0 -a (bssid) mon0

this will disconnect all clients connected to the AP. If you wich to disconnect a certain client you can add the -c (mac client) option.


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