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Forums are, and have no longer been hosted at the main hak5 site for some time now, and are controlled by IP.Board. They still have control over things, but the main site is on its own server so they don't both go down if one gets compromised, etc.

If the forums ever go down, its usually because IP.Board is doing upgrades or maintenance on the forums or their servers though, and vice versa, if the main site is down, usually the forums are up since they each reside on their own servers and databases. This leaves Darren and the crew more time to focus on the show, vs monitoring the forum server and software updates, while security of each side has their own team to focus on them individually and also makes more sense since in the past, if one got whacked, it meant they could most likely access the other. IP.Board offers paid hosting and maintenance though, and takes care of things so they don't have to worry about it for the most part.

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Yeah, the forums being hosted on their own server, IP.Board uses cPanel, so you'll see that when its down, or they are doing updates, security patches, etc. Common.

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