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New pineapple, good upgrade, brick after subsequent power up


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Just took pineapple out of box, turned on, checked for upgrade- which was available. Ran through upgrade, it did successful update and self-rebooted. All was fine, then I put the unit away with about 20 total minutes of use on it for upgrade, looking at menus. Powered down, put away for couple of hours. Came back to a partial brick on next power up- no wireless, pineapple seems to be on 192.168.1.x, as it is handing out addresses over Ethernet that show as gateway. I set up none of this, and doing 7-10 second reset changes nothing. I cant find any way to access the pineapple at this point.

Does this ring familiar to anyone, and do these units brick that easily? Is it worth trying to flash (gotta buy serial thing, no?) or does this sound like a defective unit?

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I've had my pineapple for almost a full year now. I have never had any problem that sounds like that. I would flash it, it's still good. If you have an arduino you can use it to flash your pineapple. If not then yes you will need to buy the USB to TTL adapter either from the Hakshop or from places like Amazon or Ebay.

You'll want to read pretty much everything on this page but for now focus on the Clean serial flash section.


Here's a video of me flashing my Wifi Pineapple with and Arduino.



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Pretty freaky- on a whim, I aimed my PC at, and got in with default name/password. Again- at no point did I enter 192.168 into the UI... all services except cron jobs were disabled. From the UI, I did factory reset, and she came back OK. I'm hoping it's not that flaky going forward. The upgrade was to 2.8.1, which unit is now on.

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