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Phials script

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Hello all !

My lastest addition to the community: a shell script to manage infusions by batch.

The script is finished, so for those who would like to beta test it, please send me a PM ;)


- Install / Update / Remove infusions in batch

- Menu based or command line


phials -i "networkmanager urlsnarf jammer sitesurvey dnsspoof nmap mitm" usb


root@Pineapple:/usb# phials -h
Phials by Whistle Master. v1.0

Usage : phials [-iur] [-IUR] <infusions list> <destination>

-i    install <infusions list> <destination>
-u    update <infusions list>
-r    remove <infusions list>

-I    install all infusions to <destination>
-U    update all infusions
-R    remove all infusions
Phials by Whistle Master. v1.0
[-] [I]install        --- Install Infusion(s)
[-] [U]pdate          --- Update Infusion(s)
[-] [R]emove          --- Remove Infusion(s)
[-] [E]xit            --- Exit

[?] Select option:
[~] Install Infusions

[-] [i]nternal
[-] [u]sb

[?] Select module(s) install destination: u

[+] Downloading Infusions list...
[-] Available Infusions list
 sslstrip networkmanager urlsnarf jammer sitesurvey randomroll dnsspoof nmap mitm tcpdump ettercap opkgmanager status reaver uwui logcheck keylogger monitor button blacklister occupineapple bartender smser eviljava get

[?] Select Infusion(s) to install to usb:
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