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  1. It's funny you say that about the island, cuz i was gonna make a joke about buying a boat and becoming a pirate in my rant =P The thing about TOR is it really is an effective proxy except in the 2 most important places, checking in and checking out. Checking out is the point where you're vulnerable and why the government started creating their own exit nodes. And there's nothing you can do to change your odds of getting a "legit" exit node. Otherwise darknet wouldn't be darknet, it's random. So chances are, if you're constantly using TOR to block yourself, SOME of those times, a federal agent
  2. I use Synergy like Steve mentioned. I can definitely recommend it. It works well, you need to be networked though. I've had a few issue's with it on XBMC/Kodi where it makes the screen start glitching when my mouse switches between computers, but that's only cuz i use Tablet's and Odroid's with no real GPU's i think. They have an Android App too which has come in handy from time to time, it really turns a multi-pc experience into a multi-monitor experience. Also, depending on your phone and what kernel you use.... There's an Android App/Kernel-Patch that turns your phone into a hid device.
  3. It's impossible to remain completely anonymous and be "100% SURE" about it nowadays. I'd say VPN + TOR + Proxychains is your best shot, but TOR's nowhere near as anonymous as it used to be. No idea what percent of exit nodes is actually feds now, but i bet it's a high number. I don't wanna go into a rant about the N$4/Trapwire/Datamining, but we live in an age where everything that you're paranoid about the government doing is 10 years late and now Google and Facebook actually have all that technology too. It's one big circle-jerk of trading/selling data If you're worried about things like ke
  4. Youtube's been pulling this crap for a while. This is the first i've heard of Jakk's channel getting erased too but i swear i was just watching some of his vids a few days ago. That sux. They did the same thing to R4v3n's channel (another excellent teacher for any1 who doesn't know). It's crazy that the biggest culture most interested and focused on actually learning and enlightening themselves is the most targeted and silenced. I hate how these huge internet companies forget when they were just startup geeks and become corporate monkeys. Youtube and Google wouldn't exist without free speach a
  5. Are you using an OTG cable to make the Android target a Host? And does the Android have USB Debugging enabled? I'm pretty sure those are both requirements to exploit android with the ducky
  6. This may be an obvious question but you're doing this through a VNC right? That's the only way to get any gui or xsession in Nethunter. And we're still sharing our XSession with an Android session full of running apps on 2 gigs of ram. I try to stick with cli stuff in my Nex5. I tried Armitage once and even though it loaded, it wasn't worth using in that condition. I love NH cuz all the clii tools run excellent considering.... And it's a miracle i have MSF on my phone. Anything GUI related is just a party trick IMO on our Nex5/7/10 generation. I'm thinking of upgrading just for the extra gig o
  7. I grabbed the Pineapple Plug and a 2nd MKV around XMAS, along with the Ominous Box and the Pineapple HDK lol. I haven't made use out of any of it. There was mention about better Tango function for the Plug in a fw release back when i bought it as well as a Hak5 segment about the HDK, dunno if that's still in the picture (I hope so). I had the same rebooting problems as you. Til the load balancing gets sorted out, it's just more problems than it's worth. Hopefully someday i'll use em. Once i saw the ominous Box in person i laughed my ass off tho. I call it the "Biggest Most Obvious Little Drop
  8. Sorry to bring up a dead topic (I was just kinda flippin through the forum ) but there's definitely a benefit to a 2W card. I can't speak for the Pineapple cuz i haven't tried it, but it's pretty easy to alter the crda/regulatory domain to whatever txpower you want for any country code in Ubuntu/Debian (Kali). BO isn't even 30 anymore, it's 20 in the 2.5GHz range now. I bought that card just so i could use it at 33dBm with my BiQuad/Satellite Dish setup. I have my reg domain country codes in my kali installations pretty much arranged by my different alfa cards. BO's 33, US 27, GB 30, CN 25.
  9. I don't think it's applicable to u because of your $500 price range but i'm thinking of getting a Dell XPS12 for my pentesting/IT machine. As far as I can tell it's the best tablet convertible on the market. The upgraded version has an intel i7, 8g ram, 256g SSD drive, 1 USB3.0, 1USB3.0/eSATA, RJ45 Ethernet Jack, the new intel wifi with widi built in, and it seems like the convertible keyboard is a full size keyboard. Seems like the perfect pentesting machine!! I'm gonna have to sacrifice a little personally to get it cuz it's like $1600 on Dell's site including a $300 gift card for accessorie
  10. ./me lifts his jaw off the floor That's pretty crazy! If he's talking about the mid to late 90's, I doubt the statute of limitations on whatever he could be charged with would go back that far. I'm pretty sure only things like rape and murder can come back to bite you from THAT long ago.... But I'm neither a lawyer or a violent criminal so I could always be dead wrong...
  11. The wiki seems to have the full specs....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BlackBerry_Bold
  12. HAHAHA Now I get it! Ur post made it sound like u bought it for that purpose. I feel u, $5 is a why the hell not price! Test it urself and see if it works. I've never heard of anybody running Kali on a BB but it's probly possible on some level if u try hard enough. Just don't know how functional it will be. If it works at all decent create a thread and share ur knowledge/success Good Luck!
  13. Considering how closed BB/iOS is and how open and easy to install roms/distros on Android is, why get an old BlackBerry to tinker with? Android was pretty much developed and promoted as an open-source alternative for people like us who like to hack their electronics. Android is linux based already, so installing pretty much any linux distro including BackTrack/Kali is painfully easy!! Not to come off as sarcastic (Seriously), but buying an old BlackBerry to have a handheld linux machine is somewhat comparable to buying a PS2 for the purposes of running XBMC on it... That's my opinion anyway.
  14. HAHAHA, overwraith I don't think your Pineapple idea is impractical at all in comparison... ESTIMATED SHIPPING $632.40 ESTIMATED TOTAL $11,068.96 If you were buying that kind of bulk of Pineapples though u could just get the boards from data-alliance for like $35 or the AP with OpenWRT with the power supply and casing for like $55 and flash them all into Pineapples yourself. I think both are great idea's if you're trying to pwn like your entire state from ur bedroom LOL!!! That's like a hacker's dream setup! I don't know how you'd protect all your gear from being stol
  15. I thought so. Thanks for the quick reply. I just mentioned it cuz the 20 dollar price difference. If you're buying the hornet board and flashing it directly, (unless ur doing it for educational purposes) chances are you're trying to save yourself a few bux
  16. Can't u just use the Serial TTY Cable from the hakshop? Here: http://hakshop.myshopify.com/collections/accessory/products/serial-ttl-cable it's only $8.99 I haven't done it myself by I was under the impression that u could flash the Hornet board with that. Correct me if I'm wrong so i know in case I end up trying it myself in the future
  17. The wq issue would only apply to vi/vim. w=write q=quit. So when ur done editing u hit the esc key then type :wq. When ur in nano u hit ctrl+o then ctrl+x
  18. You probly have to get the Pineapple's version of OpenWRT on it first then flash Jasager/Mark IV fw from there
  19. Sounds like it could be an issue in ur /etc/config/wireless file...
  20. Yeah this is definitely gonna get moved outta this section. It sounds like your wicd is expecting ur macaddr for some reason. The Pineapple does that to me when i don't put 'option phy phyX' before 'option macaddr' in the /etc/config/wireless file. Maybe it's in ur /etc/defaults/network file? It definitely sounds like ur wlan1 is directly connected to ur mac whether in a config file or in the wicd options somewhere...?
  21. That AP would fry that booster. If you read the page it says max input power 17dbm, which is 100mw. Alot of the affordable amps i've seen including the one i recently bought are like that. If you're gonna use a Hi Power radio u might be better off with that Hawking HSB2 or a more expensive one that can handle higher input power. I'm about to get the Hawking for my Awus036H and just use the Premiertek one i bought for my Pineapple. Besides that, that antenna seems like a good choice for omnidirectional, but i can only speculate. If you need ur reception to be circular around the AP i'd probly g
  22. Did you remember to chmod +x ? Nvm, just saw where u said you did. Internal wifi should be on wlan0 unless u change it. If u chmod +x it shouldn't come back with permission denied. When you're in putty and u do a " ls " in the directory does it show the script in green letters or white?
  23. Fern's just a gui for the Aircrack suite. It's pretty useful. Does what it's supposed to do...
  24. One of the amps on the radiolabs site had a warning about using more than 20dBm would likely fry the amp. I think it was like a 2000mw amp tho. I don't think that applies to the Hawking or Premiertek 500mw amps If it does apply to the Premiertek i bought i'll find out as soon as it gets delivered though. My Alfa Awus036H just got delivered today. The only reason i bought it is cuz i couldn't change the txpower on the NHA i got from the hakshop.
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