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Wlan1 radio from hak5 disabling itself


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ditto. also which network adapter do you mean? wlan1 just an arbitrary designation from your OS. the default is wlan0, but since you have another internal adapter it's wlan1. if you took it out and put it in another port it would be wlan2

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Theres your problem, its simply a power draw issue. If your powering the wifipineapple with only 5v from a usb port and your trying to power an adapter that requires 5v itself your device is not getting enough power. Try to plug in a 4 port powered usb hub, plug your radio adapter to the hub then plug the usb from the hub into your pineapple.


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NO! that's not what anyone said. The "black radio antenna thing" is used if your connecting to your pineapple via its built in wireless and you wish to Deauth clients, or for a wireless relay. Its the same reason I have my Alfa adapter, which btw is the same as yours just a different model and color. So if you have a powered usb hub set it up like you see in the picture then get back to us.

just in case your don't know where to find any powered usb hubs. Ill list a couple that should work with the pineapple.

search for Dlink DUB-H4 its one of the most purchased usb hubs for the pineapple AFAIK

you can also purchase the powered hub from the hackshop I would post a link but the hak5.org site is down.

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