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daughter hi-jacks kids facebook


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This a long story with many details, but I will get to them as I go...

I was in disney world last week and I recieve a phone call from the principal off my 12 yr old daughters catholic school. She had a visit from the attorney general as well as some rep from the "internet safety division" (like that exists?) She is claiming that my daughter "hacked" another students facebook account.

Where do I start?

Why is the school involved?

How did this kids parents bring in such BIG guns?

This kid bullies her all the time...

..and there is documentation of that

How do I defend her?

Some of her friends have told the principal that her dad has books on hacking , of which I have many...

I understand that she somehow convinced facebook that an email account she made was his, then simply did a pw reset.

I am kinda proud, but...

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Lawyer, and someone who knows forensics that can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt, plus file a counter suit to sue them for harassment and they may buckle and drop their claim.

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There is a fad amongst kids at the moment to "hack" each others FB accounts. They inbox/private message each other the passwords. On FB, hacking has been reduced to "logging in on someone else's account, after they have sent you their password willingly".

I think the world has wised up since the days of Mitnick and McKinnon. If it gets serious, talk to 2600.org; they've campaigned on behalf of many such cases.

The biggest thing for you to do is to pull together a a family. Make sure she tells you the absolute truth about what happened, even if this is not what is portrayed publicly. The more transparent you are with each other, the easier it will all be. Start by asking the school for advice; how far will they push this, why is it being taken so seriously? If necessary, take legal aid and involve a lawyer, but they don't need to be involved until a summons to court is issued. Don't waste legal aid money on lawyers when you don't need them. Hold off until you do.

If the "attack" happened on school property then school has every right to be involved. If it didn't then the dispute is between yourselves and the injured party. The school can be seen, in this case, as a mediator. Depending on their stance, the can be leaned on more or less for support.

Hacking, in America, seems to still have the Mitnick effect upon people. Everyone is scared about what they don't understand. But you know your stuff. If one element of whatever they say is impossible, or highly improbably, then push them hard on it. Squeeze every ounce of knowledge out of them regarding the subject they're charging on. Stick to your guns.

You have a whole world of support out here, use as much of it as you can.

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Thank you.

I just never saw it coming from this angle. My kids? Fuck! And I teach such good values to them. Being vindictive and retaliatory are just not part of our morale.

I am no 1337 hax0r,lol, but I know some things. I have NEVER used my skill-set to do harm, ever.

I am seriously, without any doubt, fascinatd by info-sec that it is borderline obsessive.

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Schools are full of shit when it comes to this. I got susspened for a teacher saying I "hacked" her facebook account when all that happened was someone tried to login with the wrong password to many times and it gave her a message. There was no evidence of me doing it infact I was sitting in math class at the time it happened but they did find a pineapple on me and all of the sudden I hacked her facebook account which wasn't even "hacked"...

Get a lawyer, do a proper investigation and sue them. I am tiered of the education system doing this shit.

Another thing happened to my friend where he managed to open a powershell and do a dir on the C:\ drive and found a plain text file that contained the admin password. When he told them about it they kicked him out of school for the rest of the year.

It is a bunch of bs.

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