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CSS Editor?


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I was tweaking my interface and jacked up my CSS file, does can somebody copy and paste their original CSS information so I can make mine original again? I was trying to make the text windows larger but the tweaks I made didn't do any good.



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That is the one that I copied then tweaked. The problem I originally had was the text boxes were too small and it was difficult to see what was typed in there. I'd like to get back to original and start over. Next time I will save a back up copy first.

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I've been messing with the CSS files as well and I was thinking of creating an infusion that would let you chose themes. The one thing that I noticed was that existing infusions use their own CSS and they seldom call the pineapple's CSS for 'inspiration'. that means I'd need to create not only css files for the pineapple's default UI but also go through every infusion installed and change those for consistency.

what I'm doing right now is running a script that copies the original css to a backup file and then I use sed to substitute name colors, it's fairly limited but it works. whenever I want to reset the theme I just copy the backup over the altered css.

here's the theme I've been working on:


get it here: https://gist.github.com/sygo/5116790

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