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  1. Yesterday it ended up working fine after leaving it sit for about an hour for the update. The only time I used IE was for the unbricking process, after that, I push back to Linux for the updating.
  2. I've unbricked my MKV about 3 times today and tried to upgrade to the latest version from the original 1.02. Every time I unbrick it, the device is running fine. During the upgrade, I get the "MD5 Matches. Performing upgrade." screen. It hangs there for at least 30 minutes and seems to have the spinning pineapple going forever. The first two times, I shut it down and tried to load it again. I was able to get to a black screen with only three clickable options, one said "Infusions", the second one I'm not sure and finally the logout option. The only one that actually worked was the logout option. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong with the update, it just seems to not be working. I'll give it more time on this third try and see what happens. The green light is illuminated along with a flashing red-blue-amber sequence and I can see the Pineapple AP.
  3. How can I be sure that the laptop isn't trying to use the pineapple to connect to the internet?
  4. I am using Linux with a built in wifi adapter on my laptop. At that point, wifi is good to go. I plug in the Ethernet connection to the pineapple and go to the command prompt and run wp5.sh and make the appropriate connections. When I try to use my browser to go to the internet, I get the page can't be displayed window. But, I can connect to the pineapple. It is not able to connect to the internet for updates. I'm sure I need to elaborate more but I need to head to class. Learning about the Optiview XG and network analysis! Woohoo!
  5. I'm hopefully not hijacking the thread... I too have an issue when I plug the pineapple into the ethernet port, I loose internet connectivity. How can I keep eth0 open and also use wlan0 (built in wifi) to connect to the internet?
  6. At the end of the day with some fresh eyes, I disconnected the Ethernet and connected to the Pineapple through WiFi and was able to get past the login screen. So far so good, now I need to figure out how to primarily connect to it using ETH0, I am pretty sure it's going to be the wp5.sh install.
  7. I am running into a problem with upgrading to the new firmware. The pineapple froze after the download, during the install process. It was flashing blue and yellow lights at the same time. I followed the instructions to do a factory reset and everything seemed to be working fine. I browsed over to the web-interface and set my new password, the pineapple stated that the system is now completing setup. A few lights flashed, now the blue and yellow lights are flashing simultaneously again and I am unable to proceed with logging in. Should I reflash and try all over again? I was able to log into the web interface once before.
  8. I'm getting the same channel as several of the other posters, "waiting for beacon from *********" I have reaver 0.4 installed to USB and firmware 2.8 installed.
  9. I think my problem might be the DHCP settings... The setting typically stay cached. The research continues =)
  10. I'll give it a shot... I typically mess with it a bit then get frustrated and go back to BT. Definitely not giving up on it. I changed the network connection software to WICD like what was on BT, but still a no-go.
  11. Been using BT and decided to try out Kali Linux, I'm not sure which one I prefer yet, definitely still learning. First things first, the Mark IV Pineapple works great with BT. Easy to configure and all that good stuff. I plug it into Kali and my internet takes a dump on me. I think there is somewhere in the configuration that is making ETH0 my primary internet connection when I plug the pineapple into it. I can turn off the port, but I don't want to do that. When I unplug the pineapple, everything goes back to working. During the wp4.sh script I direct it to the correct settings but in the end, it states unable to connect to the internet. What am I doing wrong? I am definitely connected to the internet via WIFI.
  12. Is it normal for the wp4.sh to always default back to the original configuration (wlan0, eth0)? It seems like I loose connection and have to re-run the script occasionally to connect to the device.
  13. When I execute the wp4.sh script, I change the ports to my computer's configuration. But some of the infustions only allow me to use wlan0 and eth0. Not sure if that makes any sense.
  14. The wp4.sh typicaly defaults to WLAN0 and ETH0. When I run iwconfig, my wifi is on WLAN2 and only ethernet port is on ETH2. Most of the infusions run on WLAN0 and ETH0, is it possible to change the port names on my computer to WLAN0 and ETH0? I'm kind of new and been googling and youtubing like crazy trying to learn. I saw the script to go from my router to the pineapple, but it also shows WLAN0.
  15. Will an Arduino FTDI breakout work also? It has also the same pins, it is for 5v though.
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