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  1. I don't think stronger is necessarily what I need. Sometimes I need to be a bit stealthier so I go with the tiny 4 dBi and place myself reasonably close to target, if it's a wide area that I'm trying to survey of if I'm asked to assess what can be done from the Lobby then I'll use the 9 dBi. If I need to be in the parking lot or the building across the road I go with the Hawking for power and also because it's somewhat directional (meh, hit or miss - also, I didn't take a picture of the tripod I use with the Hawking) That 6 dBi though is the one that is in my bag ALL the time. it's just a rea
  2. I had already posted this here, but here's some new pics: ready for action:
  3. @Scanner Martel, my turn to apologize for the delay (I have no excuse though. LOL) would you please boot the pinapple, insert the usb drive and post the dmesg somewhere? (pastebin or something, no need to flood the forum with it) I need data in order to keep troubleshooting this with you :)
  4. the sandisk 4gb should work with no problems at all with the pineapple powered via USB. you might want to measure the output of that usb port (if its a laptop some ports could be a little under 5, if it's a non powered hub and you have a few devices connected you might also notice a decrease in power being delivered)
  5. I've been messing with the CSS files as well and I was thinking of creating an infusion that would let you chose themes. The one thing that I noticed was that existing infusions use their own CSS and they seldom call the pineapple's CSS for 'inspiration'. that means I'd need to create not only css files for the pineapple's default UI but also go through every infusion installed and change those for consistency. what I'm doing right now is running a script that copies the original css to a backup file and then I use sed to substitute name colors, it's fairly limited but it works. whenever I wa
  6. I'm shooting in the dark, but when you start the fdisk part press c before doing anything, that will toggle the DOS compatibility mode. might be worth a shot. if that fails try using cfdisk (same concept: sudo cfdisk /dev/sdb). It's a bit more modern than fdisk and you might get better results, it's menu based so it's hard to explain how to do stuff, but I'm sure you'll figure it out. Delete whatever is there and create everything again. Make sure the FS type is Linux and swap for sdb1 and sdb2, respectively.
  7. Ready for this? Commands in bold. -- actually the forum ate my bolds... you'll figure it out right? get to your linux box, plug in your thumb drive. 1 -- Lets figure out what device the thumbdrive is associated with [xetic@board][0][~]> cat /proc/partitions major minor #blocks name 8 0 58605120 sda 8 1 248832 sda1 8 2 1 sda2 8 5 58353664 sda5 254 0 58352636 dm-0 254 1 56328192 dm-1 254 2 2023424 dm-2 8 16 3910656 sdb 8 17 3910640 sdb1 the last device on that list is sdb,
  8. the fact that in /dev you have a device called sda is half of the problem solved, but now you need to figure out why it's not seeing/mounting any partitions. mkswap /dev/sda won't do much because you're telling it to make swap space not on a partition, but on the device itself. what you need is something like mkswap /dev/sda2 (that means, device 'a' on partition '2' of that same device) I'm going to do a quick tutorial on how to set all of this up using the command line, once you go though that lets see if the problem persists. give me a few minutes and I'll get back to you.
  9. check it out: your pineapple isn't happy with that partition table. Can you try going through the motions again and go through that initial post you mention with the tutorial to create the thumb drive? Caveats to look for: - that "take ownership" check box...it HAS to be off. - make sure that those changes to fstab are exactly the same and just to be extra paranoid: could you use the wall brick to feed power to the pineapple while we're troubleshooting this? feeding it power via USB is cool on the run, but if you're at your desk (or whatever) the external power supply won't hurt one bi
  10. That was totally my bad. The command should be dmesg | tail -n 50 (-f is something totally different...all I want is the last 50 lines of your dmesg after you plug in the drive, so if all else fails type in dmesg and copy paste everything after "USB disconnected" or something along those lines) if you've pugged in several drives with the same result I suspect the problem might be the way you are setting up the drive...especially on the red hat box...it should recognize pretty much anything.
  11. you're right if lsusb lists the device it knows it's there, but it might not now what to do with it. Lets try this: after your pineapple has booted remove and reinsert the thumb drive and then do dmesg | tail -f 50 you might see stuff that is irrelevant but eventually you'll see a line saying that you removed the USB device and then a lot of output referring to when you plugged it back in. if you could paste that dmesg output here we might get a few more clues as to what is happening. (I think that poster before me was trying to ask what brand/model/size thumb drive you're using)
  12. It's certainly enough if you can live with the storage. I personally don't have a problem with 4gb, whatever I do with the pineapple has to be encrypted ASAP, so whatever logs end up on the thumb drive will soon be on an encrypted filesystem. Small storage forces me to be disciplined when it comes to data sanitation. And $DIVINITY knows I need all the incentive I can get. That being said, I do believe that the inconsistency with usb thumb drives is due to power contraints. I base this on the fact that if I plug that 16Gb Sundisk Fit directly into the pineapple it complains a good deal and fai
  13. You know that "wait...what if..." feeling you sometimes get? I had it about a week ago so I rolled up my sleeves and came up with this: Still with me? cool! check it out: The pineapple fits in a standard Lenovo hard-drive slot, albeit there is a significant amount of work involved to pull that off: The biggest issue is height, namely that condenser (blue arrow) but that is an easy fix... just swap it out for one with similar specs and bend it a little. the other big issue are the ethernet ports. Now the ethernet ports are a PITA to swap around and fit inside such a small enclosure, I p
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