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Found 1 result

  1. You know that "wait...what if..." feeling you sometimes get? I had it about a week ago so I rolled up my sleeves and came up with this: Still with me? cool! check it out: The pineapple fits in a standard Lenovo hard-drive slot, albeit there is a significant amount of work involved to pull that off: The biggest issue is height, namely that condenser (blue arrow) but that is an easy fix... just swap it out for one with similar specs and bend it a little. the other big issue are the ethernet ports. Now the ethernet ports are a PITA to swap around and fit inside such a small enclosure, I purchased a pci-e ethernet card (didn't work on my lenovo, it would have been GLORIOUS if I could make everything but the antenna self-contained) off of which ended up just using the ethernet connector (red arrow), I hardwired everything and routed the cable under the metal part on the side of the enclosure. The next height issue was the power connector which I didn't want to desolder (more on that later) so I just sanded off the extra-height with a rotary tool and its now a snug fit. (green arrow) I did some reading and turns out SATA has a bunch of options when it comes to power: 5.5v, 12v, 3.3v, everything comes through that big sata power connector, so I decided to leverage on that. I got 5.5v from the sata and now the pineapple is pretty much self contained inside the laptop. Caveats? I'm not sure if it's the laptop or the cheesy hard drive tray, but I could never get any power from those wires that wasn't 5.5v, my multimeter said all the other power cables were dead, downside to that: that USB thumb drive is limited in size since it seems that any Sundisk Fit above 4gb (perhaps 8, I ordered one on amazon, I'll get back to you guys soon) requires more power than the 5.5v powered pineapple is willing to give it. (a 16gb worked sporadically, the 32Gb never worked at all) Im sure that if I could get 12v to it, it would be a different story. Why didn't I want to desolder the power connector? because if power came solely from the sata connector there would be no way to reset the pineapple, I always need that external power source to push the button and power up :/ You'll notice that the WAN port is MIA (yellow arrow), it could certainly be salvaged and all the wires re-routed, but it would require some hacking on that sata connector (literal hacking, I'd have to saw off that mofo and figure out a way to keep it in place) Comments, concerns and ideas for improvement are always welcome :)
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