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Help on Creating Captive Portal using Iptables


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Hi, I just want to share my insights on getting Credentials

Pineapple setup

3G -- Pineapple --- > client


Internet wifi --shared internet-- (wifi USB - pineapple) ---- > client

1. Create a Captive Portal (Sign in as Facebook, Twitter etc... - fake login)

2. User type to a web browser any URL.

3. User are redirected to a Captive Portal.

4. Once a user tried to login on fake login form from captive portal PHP will save credentials, just like ordinary phishing script.

5. The User can now be allowed to unrestricted internet access.

Can anybody make this work on a pineapple?


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Hey kurtm, please excuse my temporary ignorance on the matter, but are you suggesting the idea of using a facebook or twitter page as a captive portal page to logon to our fake hotspot? In other words, "Unlimited WiFi Provided Here! Just Login Using Your Facebook Account For Unrestricted Access!" Something like that?

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Exactly.. when some one connects to the hotspot .. any url they type will be redirected to a captive portal ( restricted access ) , unless they login to as FB or twitter account.

Ofcourse it will be hard or impossible? To authenticate with fb or twitter

A fake login will do.. as long as they are restricted at first and unrestricted when they login ( doesnt matter if its correct password or login ) - of course its better if they put their real login - :)

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I was thinking a bit of something like this a little earlier ... like just having a phish facebook page pop up as soon as they connect via Karma .... but you have definitely refined the idea to perfection. Yes, a Captive Portal page! will give lots of cred to to feel safe and go ahead and log in. I like it I like it! Muhahahaaaaa evil hackers think alike ;)

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