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Weird MIV problem with Internet connection


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Hi everyone!

I am a new Pineapple Mark IV user and so far enjoying the ride! :)

I have a question about a strange problem I am having with my Pineapple, in a nutshell, I can connect to the Pineapple management portal, I have configured a tablet to connect to the pineapple wifi and it can access the internet. But on the Pineapple management portal if I click on upgrade or public_internet, I get a connection error... as if my laptop was not properly doing the ICS.

Now for the details.

I am using a Macbook pro (latest OS X), I have upgraded the Pineapple to version 2.7.5.

I tried to connect the pineapple natively from my Mac, but had problems with ICS. I could connect to the management portal but the Internet connection could not be shared, no matter how much I tried using the help I found online (manual network setup, moving the network interface priorities, Internet Sharing option, etc).

I stopped trying when I read there was a problem on Mac OS X ICS and that I should change my Pineapple IP address to something like 192.168.x.x.

I am waiting to receive my Serial TTL cable before trying to change the IP! :)

But... I could successfully configure it with running Backtrack 5 R3 on my Mac.

Disabling the Ethernet connection natively on the mac, In VMware adding the Ethernet connection as a "Bridge" and the Wifi Internet connection as a "Bridge" too.

Then running /etc/init.d/networking restart

and wp4.sh

everything worked fine. I was happy! :)

I tried the tcpdump infusion and it worked, same for URLsnarf, dns spoofing...

Karma... not so much, I get a very mixed result! (but I admit I am still a bit confused with the black/white list).

anyway... that was last night!

This morning...

I am trying on another network (one I am allowed to try on).

I could connect to the Pineapple management console but the internet connection on BT didn't worked at first!

Meaning I could not get Backtrack to get an IP address for the Internet (through a WEP internet connection...yup...)

I had to change from a Bridge to a NAT, this time it worked. BT had an internet connection.

This is where it is odd...

I cannot access the internet from the pineapple console!

I tried resetting (many times) my pineapple, mac, vm, etc...

still no luck...

then I just tried to connect my test android tablet on the pineapple wifi just in case... and I can see I have internet access!

So the question is: How come I seem to be sharing my internet connection through the Pineapple, but the pinapple cannot access the internet from the console (public_internet and pineapple bar)?

what other troubleshooting can I do?

I will try again tonight at home, but I need for it to work where I have been asked to test it.



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Another piece of info...

When I run a TCPdump on the Pineapple I can see traffic but half is dropped:

tcpdump -i wlan0 -n net

tcpdump: WARNING: wlan0: no IPv4 address assigned
tcpdump: listening on wlan0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 65535 bytes
499 packets captured
1031 packets received by filter
532 packets dropped by kernel
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