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made small problem insight please!


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When I received my alfa router I was so excited to get a dc barrel to usb I spliced the dc barrel off, and made my own usb cable with it. My problem is I did this before flashing pineapple (was waiting on uart at the time) Will it be ok if I used the usb and hooked it into a ac adapter when I go to flash my router?

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USB to AC sounds bad!

USB is typically 5 volts. AC is usually around 110v(us) 220-240v(europe)

Guess it depends on your adapter's current (Amp-age) and output Voltage.

I'd be very careful!

Excessive voltage will cause breakdown and arcing, either between separate exposed contacts (especially little points of solder), or through an insulating or dielectric barrier (for example, the dielectric in a capacitor).

Excessive current is generally caused by excessive voltage. Passive components have a specific, fixed resistance; the current through them is determined by Ohm's law, I = V/R. Excess current can cause overheating and burn-through of components, leading to open circuits.
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Unless you know its output volt-age and amp-age, I would advise against it.

I have heard that people who have used the wrong adapters with the raspberry pi, and have ended up blowing their device.

Your risk! Not mine.

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Its easy to test with a voltmeter - pick one up at fleet farm/home depot for $10 and be sure :)

Over amperage won't hurt a thing - the device will pull what it needs. If its a AC to USB adapter, it'll also be just fine, as its 5V. I'm not quite sure what the problem is here...


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