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Simulating WIFI APs


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I don't know about the RSSI stuff, but the Hak5 Pineapple or even Karma would simulate access points and respond to any probes looked for. There are also tools in backtrack to setup fake access points as well. What exactly are you trying to accomplish though?

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Depends if your emulating / spoofing

RSSI is a hard thing to fake, but the reset is achievable through Lorcon

I believe Lorcon2 is now part of Metasploit (its how metasploits fake AP modules work etc)




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More info on what you're after here is needed for us to give a good solution.

Have you looked into mdk3? That simulates SSID's quite well...


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Thanks guys for your replies!

To provide more info, I'm planning to test my indoor wifi positioning algorithm on mobile devices (tablets and phones). The algorithm is dependent on the change of the RSSI (Received signal strength indication) over time. The algorithm also uses SSID, MAC address, channel information as well.

When you say, "reset is achievable through Lorcon", do you mind elaborating? Sorry, I'm new to all this...


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