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DrDinosaur - I believe Darren was using mdk3 for his occupineapple stuff. I can't really remember the details, but I'm a command line guy myself, so if you ssh into the pineapple, you can use these commands:

opkg update

opkg install mdk3

Then run the various mdk3 commands that Darren uses for the spoofing of list of fake SSID's.

pr0l3 - Have you read the pineapple book? See the pinned thread on these forums. If you're still having trouble, start a new thread and give all the details you can and I'm sure we'll be happy to help.


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Good question - I don't know how to find ANY 3rd party modules.

Make sure you have internet to the pineapple - I know it seems like a silly thing, but set up a shared connection to the pineapple first and install the packages.

Before you start though, get yourself a nice big flash drive and set up swap space early on - trust me, you'll thank me later.

Then, start installing the modules. (Leave the rickroll till last & then go out and get a coffee - it takes a bit of time to install)

I would then install opkg stuff like mdk3, nmap etc from the module.

If you are having probs, PM me and I'll try to get you set up

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