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Man, I always feel like I'm one step behind. :)

Thanks WM for this (and all the others!) module, and the kick in the pants to get skwelin' on BeEF.

Looks to be a perfect fit to roll this into the Pineapple...fantastic idea, and if anyone can make this happen, it'll be our resident module guru WM. :)

Off to have some fun learning about and playing with BeEF!!!

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I have been testing this for WM and while it works, the user is always redirected to the hook page due to dns spoofing "*" So even when the victum is hooked they are still redirected to the same page every request. It is not WM's fault but just a draw back when using "*" I have been trying to find some time to install some type of a landing page to the pineapple to be able to pass through the internet and or pop up a new tab for browsing. For now I have listed the dns entries as follows *Incase you want to use if you decide to beta test*. Ex: *.facebook.com, *.google.com, *.twitter.com, and *.apple.com). *remove the comas* I would just send WM a PM if you would be willing to test the module. I am not sure but I think I am the only one that tested and more people testing would be better at finding differenet incompatibilities/bugs with different browsers. WM creates these modules for free and they take a lot of work/time. I imagine if you were to help test then it would be able to get to the pineapple bar that much quicker. *Plus you get to play with it*

FYI make sure to update BeEF... The one installed in Backtrack is really outdated and the update process takes a while. :)


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