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How To Block AP From A Place


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Hi everyone...

let me be more specific in my question...

The place where I want to try my Pineapple WiFi is (of course) secured with EAP authentication protocol, so everyone has a unique login and password.

Someone told me that I could just try to "block" the WiFi signals we all use in the place with my pineapple WiFi and then with the karma option enabled, they will send probes of (of course) old unsecured AP.

Is that right? Is that possible? If so, how can I do this. I'm not an expert and the only way (for now) I can use my pineapple is with module that I install.

Thanks in advance.

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I think you may get better results with the aforementioned Aircrack based "De-auth" attack. This would allow you to selectively target the MAC addresses you want, while not jamming yourself. This can also be achieved via a "Piggy-back" another monitor mode wireless card attached to the Pineapple. For best results I like to separate the "evil-twin" from the "Jammer".

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Thank you all for those answers!

Yeah I want to make people connect to my pineapple wifi but everywhere I go, routers are protected and no ones connect to my pineapple, but they connect to the router of the place! So I was thinking about "blinding" the AP of the place and then others would not have the choice to connect to my pineapple wifi.... is it a dream what I'm thinking of or it's possible?

And guys, after people being de-auth, would their laptop try to reconnect to the same protected AP instead of my pineapple (with probes) ??? How to make sure their computer will try my Pineapple first?

Thanks again

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On the whole if device has a saved network that is encrypted and it encounters an open one with the same name it won't connect as it is expecting it to have encryption.

Ok so... is there something else I can do? Because wishing to be in a place with unsecured WiFi to take advantage of the pineapple WiFi is like a dream lol

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If there was a narrow band 2.4Ghz transmitter and the base station in question was on a low channel lets say 1(2.412Ghz) and this transmitter was tuned to obliterate the spectrum to around 2.457Ghz then Channel 11 would be open for use.

This is all theoretical discussion of course.

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