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  1. Hey folks, I remember a few years ago hearing about a hacker who was only using a browser as his main tool. I have google the shit out of it and could not come up with anything remotely close to the guy in question. From memory there was even a video documentary style segment about it, but then again I have no idea where I saw that. But one thing is sure, he exist lol so lets recap: -hacker -uses only a browser to hack hes the definition of hacking naked if you ask me :) anyways hope somebody remembers him Im really interested in what he might be doing nowadays he was a very interesting character. peace.code and singularity
  2. youll need to find something that meet your target. since you can redirect anybody to your page you just need to find something stable enough that would work on many platforms . this is where you need to do the research about this :P
  3. GOT it UNBRiCKED! after a month of waiting for the goddam UART usb interface ! :D god im happy ! now lets get back to business :D
  4. lol pretty good :) ive figured this had been done before but I wanted to start contributing small but surely :))) my next is going to be feature some vbs action :D this is really fun
  5. I dunno if this has been mentioned before but maybe pastebin could be used to drop the data once its been fetched. 1- get the hash 2-open browser in pastebin -> login pastebin -> paste the hash -> logout -> close browser 3- tada didnt try it but im pretty sure its doable. the reason why you wanna log in pastebin is so that you can easily access your paste once you go back home.
  6. Here is my first little ducky program. You plug it it opens a youtube url and puts it in fullscreen. This could work awesomely on any kind of kiosk machine where you have a usb port available (physically). During my test sometimes it didnt work the first time I entered it on different machine, my guess is if you change the first delay youll have it working. It seems to be depending on how long the computer takes time to install the new device. anyways here it goes. REM Title: Youtube Roller REM Author: Aprizm REM Description: This scripts opens a youtube video in fullscreen and puts the browser in fullscreen REM Option : if you change the link of the video dont forget to change the watch with watch_popup to have it fullscreen also add &loop=1 at the end to make it loop forever DELAY 5000 GUI r DELAY 50 STRING http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=qTkFw4q8CZw&loop=1 ENTER DELAY 1000 F11 [/CODE] enjoy :) ps: the link used in the code is kind of a EPIC SAX player and it goes for like 1h . (loop code added to the url) Peace codaz
  7. This one was brought to my attention : http://www.ebay.com/...=item1e6d5ebbc3 still waiting for it :D but it should do the trick and is not expensive
  8. 1- Craft a browser exploit in metasploit 2- start karma on your pineapple 3- redirect people to you browser exploit 4- profit (your metasploit laptop should be plugged on your pineapple network aswell so you can reverse shell back to you) ps: you dont have to install it on the device itself just use it as a vector to redirect the boxes
  9. I thought it would be nice since you can use an SD card + USB so you dont have to dump to a flashdrive but a card instead
  10. they changed it back to 16mb so was this an error all along?
  11. thanx a lot for this massive tip, problem is... ive browsed both data alliance and alfa site and nowhere do they mention the ram size of any device. Is there a place where I could get that information for every model they have? they seem to have a lot of the same model with different configuration but no details on what these minor differences might be. should I just go for the most expensive one?
  12. well you could lets say used WIFI JAMMER or used AIRCRACK-ng and use the deauthentification option in aireplay-ng. or use a good whole WIFI JAMMER (hardware) if you dont wanna pay download the JAMMER in the pineapple bar
  13. http://www.adata-group.com/index.php?action=product_feature&cid=6&piid=196 would this be able to run OPENWRT? anybody tried it yet? heres is a pic of the lil badboy
  14. I was wondering the same thing. I have pretty kickass antennas and wifi usb cards that id like to use with it but it seems we need the usb flashdrive for it to work at all :(
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