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Cheap WiFi dongle


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A while back, Darren mentioned a cheap Encore dongle as being suitable for use with BackTrack (built in driver, mon mode, etc.), the ENUWI-N3. That's what I was looking for, so I picked up a few to loan out to folks that show up in my offensive security group without one. (I use an Alfa.)

They've been great, but they tend to walk away and I'm down to one now, and my wife likes to borrow it too, so I thought I'd pick up a few more. The problem is, they seem to be out of production.

So I'm looking for a suitable replacement, something under $10. Any suggestions?


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Ouch... out of production... that sucks, man. Maybe they were sold too cheaply and could not pay production... but nevertheless, after looking and looking (including UK, Sweden, etc), I could not find a verifiable seller. I wonder if anyone here may have one willing to sell! People are looking to sell stuff all of the time on here..

On a side note; my girlfriend always says, "What's mine is mine and yours is mine" :)

Good Luck

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If you want small, cheap, and Ralink check out


Uses Ralink RT5370

However I am not 100% certain of that chip's abilities, I do see on the aircrack forum there is a suggested fix to get it into monitor mode


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Thanks everyone,

Of course I should have mentioned packet injecction (aireplay-ng -9) instead of just monitor mode, but you all already know what I'm looking for I think. I don't care about power or range, as it will almost always be used in a lab. But I'd like it to work in a BackTrack VM with all the usual stuff and no fuss or muss.

You've made some good suggestions, and $5.58 (thanks BlueWyvern) is much less than $10! But I'm really looking for one that someone can say: "Just plug it in to your BackTrack VM, and it will do everything just like your Alfa." That was how it is with the ENUWI-N3, no messing with linux drivers, blacklisting, etc. Darren held it up in one of the shows and I thik it was identified in the shownotes or discussion, and I ordered a few.

On a good note: After cracking some WPS2 in a lab this past week, one guy returned the Encore and ordered his own Alfa. (See, the ENUWI is like the starter drug of WiFi devices. :lol:)

@Pwnd2Pwnr: I wish I'd read your marital advice a week ago; how stupid of me to forget.

Anyway, I hope someone can say with certainty to "just order a few of these." Surely others are doing the same thing on a budget.

Thanks again all.

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had to search Ebay, but this uses the same Ralink Chipset as your adapter you can't find anymore



Edit: also forgot about Dealextreme



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