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erase hard drive


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I'm going to second what Digininja said. Software is only effective if it's running. If I pull the hard drive out of your computer and put it into an external enclosure, I've effectively bypassed that software. However, if you've encrypted your data, I would need the key or an obscene amount of time to crack it.

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Call me a dreamer; but if somebody were to implement a lo-jack inside of a PC that would effectively nuke the PC if it left a designated area...

The best way I could describe my idea is kind of like a ankle tether. The lo-jack could be installed and maybe run a slave drive as the nuke... if it left X range; when reconnected; the slave would nuke on boot up...

I never said I wasn't crazy... but it sounds like it could be fun to try if I had the funds :P

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Not quite the nuke I was referring to... lol!! But, if that were equipped with a lo-jack and a power source...

You could always gut an android, take the laptop apart and put it in the spot where the PCMCIA card goes(I have an old machine), solder the USB on the phone to the USB on the laptop for power and some kind of where's my phone software for the lojack part. Then wire up the speaker to your nuke payload, then all you have to worry about is telemarketers nuking your laptop.

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I highly recommend keeping the DBAN boot & nuke ISO on your comp and jerry rigging a hotkey to do a nuke, in case you're ever caught behind enemy lines with mission-critical information.

Darren actually mentioned a similar idea in response to a viewer question on one episode. The viewer wanted an emergency erase hotkey and Darren didn't know how but he said you could dual boot DBAN. My solution is the same but if you want a hotkey you can set it up just like you would anything else. Just map your key combo to a batch script or automator program, etc which instructs the computer to restart and boot the DBAN iso.


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What digininja said, but use a hidden OS and a decoy OS, so if you are coerced into decrypting the volume, you can decrypt the decoy volume. When you want to wipe the drive, just delete the MBR and all the data become unrecoverable. There have been a couple of demonstrated hacks for this type of protection, but they require the attacker to have administrator level access on the unencrypted drive, by which point your already hosed anyway (http://www.stoned-vienna.com/downloads/TrueCrypt%20Foundation%20Mail%2018.%20Juli%202009.tif).

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