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BIOS crash!


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Yesterday i picked up an old computer my girlfriend had at her house she wasent using. I figured I could use it for a music server or something.. (can anyone here really pass up a free computer?) So I got it and found it had a BIOS system password (not boot password) and (running windows xp) two accounts to which I did not have the passwords. I thought it might be fun to not ask her for the passwords and get them myself. I tried ophcrack.. no luck for windows passwords. So I booted into backtrack got the SAM and cracked it. no problem, I was feeling pretty good... then I decided to crack the BIOS. First i googled for some(AWARD brand BIOS) master passwords and I must have tried about 30, none worked. So i began to google for some tools I could run to retrieve/get rid of the password. After some googling i found a multi-purpose tool called CMOSPWD. I tried it out, and it could not retrive the password, then i found this option about killing the password... that sounded good, so i used it and rebooted with a smile. I saw the boot screen hit delete to get into the BIOS the password was gone! I slightly overclocked the 100mhz to 133, looked around and hit save and quit. Well it dident boot again. I waited a few min's and tried again. This time i got the initial boot screen (before windows) and waited... it did a quick memory test and stoped.. and thats where it stands. Im complety stuck. I have no Idea what to do. Can anyone help with this? :cry:

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Most motherboards have a set of pins that you bridge or change the bridge settings on to cleare the CMOS. In the event that you can't find them or you don't know which pins do that, remove the motherboard battary and unplug the computer from the mains. This also works when wanting to cleare the BIOS password.

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Hacking computer motherboards Bios passwords is always done by means of getting your self acces to the computer motherboard.

Some computer motherboards have a jumper setting to clear the CMOS if not so just popout ore short circuit the computer motherboard mounted battery that wil get the computer motherboards Bios back to its factory default.



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just thought i would update this for anyone intrested.

i dident touch it for about 36 hours and then turned it on last night.... and worked perfectly.

so... if your bios crashes. just dont touch it for about 2 days and it will fix itself.. or the elves will. :wink:

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