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Ok Im learning how pineapple wifi is working....... MOST of the routers are secured.... what can I do else with my pineapple if it's only work at the airport?

I mean, it's a brand new "router" with skills, but we can't use it as it should be because 90% of all the routers are secured.... I want to play with my new toy :(

I'm not complaining, I just want to understand what can I do with it....

I want to have fun with it at school, do the Rick Astley thing to my classmates or else.... everyone is connected on SSID "ulaval-wpa" with an ID and a password.... it is secured by 802.1x EAP protocol.....

What can I do? If I ask my pineapple to have the same SSID as "ulaval-wpa", people will only connect to the secured one, and they will see 2 same SSIDs if they disconnect, and mine will not be secured with the "secure logo" beside the SSID name....

I can't believe there is nothing to do.... a real hacker would find a way to fool his classmates with a pineapple wifi.... the thing is.... even if students have a non secure probe request save in their laptops (like airport or else), their laptop will prefer to connect on real "ulaval-wpa" SSID than my fake "airport" SSID of my pineapple :(

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Following Mr-Protocol's post:

WiFi Pineapple is a wireless penetration testing tool for use in authorized security audits where permitted.

Check laws and obtain client permission before using.

Hak5, LLC., Darren Kitchen, Robin Wood, Rob Fuller, Sebastian Kinne and affiliates claim no responsibility for unauthorized use.

Please Hack Responsibly.

Saying that, think twice before doing what you are intending to do.

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Two points for you Tataboutlamin:

1. You setup your Pineapple with an SSID of FREE WIFI and see who takes the bait. You can either Random Roll them, Phish them or MITM depending on if you decide to actually share an internet connection with whomever connects.

2. You're only focusing on people who are specifically choosing which access point they want from a list... You're forgetting that the Pineapple takes advantage of automatic probe requests with Karma and peoples devices that are set to automatically connect. What you need to know is that in using Karma, or a set SSID in a certain location like a coffee shop, Power is the key factor. Your Pineapple is essentially broadcasting the same SSID as the other guy but peoples devices will attach to yours first because it sees a stronger signal. Their device chooses the better signal automatically. So try setting up the pineapple to have an SSID of "ulaval-wpa" and sit in an area where a lot of people use laptops. Just watch your Status page on the pineapple. After you've tried that turn on Karma as well to see how many more people get Randomrolled.

Yes, I love using Randomroll in an airport just because it's a target rich environment, but so is a Starbucks. I have no malicious intent, just having some harmless fun with people who are clueless about the technology they trust way to much. Also, I don't believe I'm doing anything illegal. I'm not forcing them to connect to my AP, they're doing it to themselves through ignorance. But please take Sebkinne's warning seriously. There are lots of nasty things you "could" do if you choose to. But you are ultimatley responsible for your actions.

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