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Aircrack-Ng Through A Wireless Router


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I am using BT5 R3 on a laptop. My router is a wrt54g with dd-wrt v24. Is there anyway I can link wlan0 or mon0 directly to the router either wired or hopefully wirelessly. So when I run airodump-ng mon0 it will be using the routers antenna? I have been looking into airtun-ng but no luck so far.

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No way to really do it unless the router OS has enough space/memory and capabilities to install aircrack on the router itself, which I don't see happening. They make devices that do it somewhat, but they are like the PwnPlug, Hak5 Pineapple, Exploit Wireless's wRAT(coming soon), etc, specific devices with linux and tools on them. You would be better served, getting an external usb wifi card with add on antenna of some kind to boost your signal if thats what you really need it for.

As for wlan0 and mon0, you can have one of them using the router(wlan0) while the other (mon0) is in monitor mode, but by default, monitor mode means you aren't really attached to a network anyway, just injecting and intercepting packets, but not part of that lan. Thats what wlan0 would be used for. You need to be in managed mode to do that, which wlan0 or whatever you nic is, would do. Besides, even if you managed to get something like the aircrack suite installed onto a router, you would need an OS and kernel setup and compatible wifi card, to enable you to do all the things you want that the aircrack suite does. To begin with, not every wifi card is compatible with aircrack or has drivers to even do monitor mode. You'd be in the same boat on a wireless router, depending on the chipset and device capabilities.

Look into the DD-WRT community though, they may have something slim enough to install on there, that has tools similar to aircrack, but I'm not familiar with any of them that straight up do exactly that which the aircrack suite does.

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