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Change Serial Speed


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Hey Everybody,

is there anyway to change the Serial Speed on the MK IV ?

I tried stty, mgetty and setserial and none of them worked. (with /dev/ttyS01)

Need to use the serial port over a wireless(433Mhz) link that runs at max 19200 Baud, so default speed 115200 is way to fast ;)

Any Suggestions?

Cheers Max

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I know when you serial flash a mk4 you set it as one of the boot args

While true, it will not change it properly. I would need to change it for the firmware.

I would be happy to do that for you - let me know what baud rate you want.

The only issue is once you upgrade, this dissapears. I suggest you wait for 2.7.0 to hit and then I will make a stable version for you that has just that.

Best Regards,


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Hey sebkinne....

That Sounds awesome...

I Need serial baudrate 19200

Please let me know When you have the Upgrade.bin ready

Thank you

I will have it ready soon. I just want to make sure you understand the two following points:

  1. This could brick your device. Soft OR hard. Don't hold me responsible, you have been warned ;).
    I don't see there being an issue, but it could require a UART serial adapter to fix.
  2. You are "stuck" on firmware version 2.7.0. If you up / downgrade, the baud rate will change back. I won't make a 19200 baud version for every release, I hope you understand that.

Actually, I would like you to try something first:

You will need to connect to the pineapple over serial first.

Follow the serial guide but change this

setenv bootargs "board=ALFA console=ttyATH0,115200 rootfstype=squashfs,jffs2 noinitrd"


setenv bootargs "board=ALFA console=ttyATH0,19200 rootfstype=squashfs,jffs2 noinitrd"

I overlooked how kernel arguments are passed with our new Kernel. It should work by telling uBoot.

After the above command, follow the guide normally and re-flash your pineapple. Note that this again could break your device.

Best Regards,


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hey i tried your instructions...

but serial still operates at the 115200 BAUD

issued your u-boot commandfs with the different baud settings as kernel param. but no changes!

any suggestions?

can you send me the 2.7.0 upgrade.bin?(but the other option would be way better b/c of updating...)

cheers max

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