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Thinking Of Setting Up A Proxy Server Or Something. (No Ssh)


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I am learning more about wifi and the tools that we use. I am out and about in my normal life. Even on a private wifi like the one the coffee shop down the street has Wep. But people are there on the wifi all the time. The key is the phone number. I would like to have a more secure way to do things. What kind of proxy should I setup Squid something else. I would tike to hear what other people have done. I used to tunnel into my home network via ssh then rdp. I am not so sure about SSH. What ever port I open I will netcat to see what happens. I dont know if there is a benefit to caching what other places people go online other family members gmail and so on. I want to hear what you think.

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Setting up a SSH server isn't that hard at all, all you need is a spare computer (that is if you don't want to invest into a VPN or VPS) and an OS of choice. Mine is Ubuntu, and it's a fairly straight forward process that doesn't take too much time to have it all up and running.

Once set up and running, you will need Putty if you are in Windows to establish the connection to your SSH server and you are done. All your traffic will be tunneled through SSH and no one will be able to sniff your traffic.

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