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Passive Repeater (Multiport) Or 4 Cat 5 Keystone Jacks (Tap)


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I read a magazine saw something about an ethernet tap. My first idea is use a passive or active hub if you have power.

My second idea is go to the hardware store, electronics store or computer store.

Pick up keystone jacks tool less if you want. Get RJ 45s you will need four of them. Rj 11 cable will fit into an RJ 45 jack. Aligator clips There are many diagrams to wire these on line. Too many to get into. Take an ethernet cable or an rj45 conector. Cut off an end or crimp an rj45 connector to a piece of cat 5 cable. Solder alligator clips to one end. Use a packet sniffer in promiscuous mode

I imagine this can be done with an ethernet hub of some sort. Use one uplink as an out and a port as an in. Listen from one of the ports. I mentioned passive hub because hubs require power. I know you a portable power supply can be built. Hubs use DC power 5v or 12v. 4 nimh AA batteries give you 5v (1.25v each). 8 regular AA batteries give you 12v (1.5 V ea). Alarm systems you small 12v batteries this would look strange. Velcro is your friend.

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Other than getting the nice warm feeling of doing something yourself, what's the difference between your idea and these two?



I agree, his ideas are very much the same as the Hak5 Ethernet TAP adapter. So I don't know why he is trying to reinvent the wheel.

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often we get ideas and projects in our heads that we find out that others have done previously.

i think its great that hes thinking about doing this himself.

yes there are other premade products available, but maybe doing this himself will teach him some skills that he doesn't have.

if he fails, meh who cares...thats how you learn.

good on him.

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