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Any Pineapple Owners In London Should Read This

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Just linking to a blog post from engadget that I saw earlier today.

I kept thinking pineapple pwnage.


Two things come into mind when I saw this:

1. London will be a prime *ahem* pentesting target for the Olympics. They expect something like 20,000 journalists to attend various events over the month.

2. Whenever someone tells you 'not' to do something, people will always find a way to do it.

Thoughts ??

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I'll bet not many people that watch these events know that the 'Higgs Boson' was recently discovered and confirmed through experiments at the LHC in switzerland. Furthermore, I'll bet noone knows what any of those scientists names are. This discovery, along with many, many more will help to shape our lives as well as the world around us for many many years into the future. It's sad, but the majority of the human population puts a very large price on entertainment.

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Hi RebelCork, If you have your own house in London that's pretty close to the events I don't see this being a problem (the police cant shutdown wifi in your home ;) ), I can see it being a problem if you do it outside your property in a public place, which I think is what they are telling you not to do, then again if you are in your car and you do it how does that work? ;) that aside you could always get a giant ass out door parabolic or Omni directional antenna mount it high and point it toward the Olympic stadium lol, not that I am suggesting you do such a thin :) Also I read a couple of weeks ago they are putting free wifi in the underground MITM? lol stupid that they stop people hosting there own hot spots yet they have there own big open one in the underground.... as the queen her self would say, many routes one could take! lmao. Also there is nothing to say you couldn't plant/hide a pineapple in the Olympic stadium with a big battery + 9 DBI OMNI & a 3g dongle for remote access... but that is highly illegal and any one caught doing that, with it being the Olympics and with the security and all would face jail time I think. hell London has a no fly zone atm that's how seriously they are taking security. No doubt allot of the news corporations will be doing something similar to what I have mentioned above during the Olympics to gain the upper hand on other new corps and try and find out what the popular athletes are up to, such as life is.... Any way I hope this gave you and any one else reading a good insight the the possibilities there are to get around this restriction, sorry for the big huge paragraph but I cant return for some reason... - anton

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Apparently, this is what they are using to find people 'breaking the law':


[pic courtesy of engadget]

Remember the Olympic ban on WiFi hotspots to ensure the games' corporate sponsors could sell you back access at a premium? The threat to seize or eject anyone caught using such gear seemed hollow -- after all, how could you be found in a crowd of 90,000? It turns out, LOCOG have employed WiFi police, chasing down unauthorized signals with their big red detectors. Although we should give them some credit -- you'll certainly see them coming from a mile away.

Looks like a yagi ??

It'd be nice to talk to these guys and see what setup they are using.

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Haha I saw that on Engadget this morning as well...what the hell IS that thing?! Whats with the big wing effect they've got going? Bizarre...


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Yeah its A log periodic antenna , similar to a yagi but much better gain and narrow angle of radiation, from the pic it looks like its used vertical to match up with Omnidirectional router antennas, and they are using triangulation to pin point and he has a walki talki trunked digital radio APCO 25 encrypted so anyone with an apco cant listen, so they look like they are stationed in groups they don't have to move or anything just dispatch a MAC finder and boom your out LOL !

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